There are some days you feel like superwoman

Sunday, 31 December 2017

There are days you want to sit at home all day, then there are days like today. Which also happens to be the last Sunday of the entire year, and so far one hell of a good one! First, T woke up in the best mood (surprisingly since he didn’t sleep that long), and then he made us some sausages for breakfast, and a big ol’ cup of coffee each. 
Yesterday, one of my friends invited me to workout with her and her trainer mom at a local gym. I jumped at the chance to get in a good sweat, not knowing what I had signed myself up for. Me being 32 weeks and 6 days pregnant, feeling more like a beached whale; did a whole workout this morning and I feel like a real live superhero!! Superwoman who? 

If y0u want to give this workout a try this is the exact workout she created for me this morning (Just make sure if you are pregnant, that a doctor says it is okay before you attempt this).  

5 min row warm up 

Repeat 10 times. 

5 sets of 2-5 rep 115 lbs (or whatever your comfortable with ) squats. 

Excuse my face. I look like I am about to give birth right then and there.  

Sometimes you have to do something for yourself that is emotionally and physically healthy. One thing I consistently gain from working out is that I am genuinely happier, and I sleep better at night. I make sure I follow the workout with a protein shake, and veggestential has a really good one safe for pregnancy and packed with tha goods! 

The things I love and how I have been feeling this last trimester of pregnancy

Saturday, 30 December 2017

I am currently closing in on the last month of my pregnancy (I am 32 weeks today), and I feel better than I have this whole time! I just signed up for yoga, and have my first personal training class for Pregnant women at a CrossFit gym I used to go to. I haven't had any gallstone attacks lately, and I feel like I have been having great sleeps. I also can't tell you how much I love feeling baby P kick, and move more everyday! We have slowly collected a massive amount of the cutest clothes for her, this boy oh boy! this little girl has more clothes than I have ever imagined she would have. 

I love Saturdays when T's at home all day, we watch movies and make food and you know what? I am perfectly content with this being our norm. 
Let the nesting begin! 

28 Week Bump Update (Third Trimester)

Friday, 24 November 2017

28 weeks

Here we are, officially in the third trimester or 28 weeks! My What To Expect app on my phone tells me I’m only 11 weeks and 6 days from meeting our sweet little girl. According to the app she is as big as a cauliflower which is 41 cm long, and weighs about 1.1 kg. I have also started to feel her hiccups and kicks so much more frequently and they have gotten stronger.

27 weeks 
Ive been asked so many times where to find these boots, and now you can buy them HERE.

You just read that right! We have found out the gender and are so excited that we are going to be parents to a beautiful baby girl in a couple months. 

We have even picked out a name for her! Penelope Francis Gibson.

It was pretty easy for us to choose this name, it was perfect and both these names mean something for Tony and I. Penelope will be named after my aunt who passed away, which I also inherited it as a middle name "Penny". "Francis" is in honour of Tony’s grandma who was diagnosed with cancer shorty before we found out we were going to be parents.

25 weeks
This is my absolute favourite Stripped Maternity Shirt (even if it doesn't match I was going for comfort not style).

It is so crazy to think that my body has gone through such a transformation, and is now accommodating another little life along with mine. What a wild journey this has been, at first I was so unsure that I could do this or that I would be able to give everything I had to this baby. As time has gone on, I have become more sure of myself. More confident that I can do this, and that I will do this and that I can give our little Penelope an amazing life that she deserves. 

So here’s to all 28 weeks of this pregnancy, my wonderful body for allowing this miraculous experience. Things are about to change yet again, but I’m feeling more and more ready for her to be here. Let the countdown begin! 

19 weeks

on becoming a mother

Monday, 20 November 2017

Becoming a mom has been anything but what I thought it would be. When used to think of pregnancy, I have never thought it would be as hard or worrisome like it has been.  Like how pregnancy is so hard on your body or at least it is for me. So far I broke my back tooth which the dentist was unable to save and it was pulled, leaving me with two weeks of painful dry socket (and I’m not a smoker). But even worse that, I was recently diagnosed with gallstones after a few stints at the hospital with agonizing pain in my right side. All of course accompanied by more pain medication, and antibiotics than I would have liked. That of course is the exact opposite of how I had envisioned having my first child. 

What has been the hardest is to mentally prepare for this massive life change. I have always thought that becoming a mom for the first time would be something magical, that I would be exactly the person I wanted to be and that I would be able to give my child every part of me and more. The truth is, maybe your never 100% ready because for the most part your never 100% who you want to be either. Your never quite satisfied with yourself I think. 

While I was reading one of my favourite writers Natalie Jean, I came across this post she made about Motherhood.
She wrote “Because there is never a good time for a baby. So if you sit down and try to find the perfect time for a baby, the baby will never come. Because there is never a good time. So you just go for it. Right? Because all times are right times when all times are wrong times.”. Her ability to turn simple thoughts to words with such truth is my favorite. 

As I sit on the couch writing on this Sunday evening, while I stuff my pregnant self with a generous serving of brownies I just made. I can’t help but to think, "Sometimes life is such a beautiful mess, and you just have to say yes to the beautiful catastrophe”. 

What perfect way that is to describe what having a baby is actually like. 

More to come! because I really just want to have fun writing while I'm pregnant and sitting at home.

4 Books That Will MAKE You To Start Your Business Today

Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Deciding you want to start your own business is of course the first thing you do, but establishing an action to that idea of yours should be preparing for the possible. These four books are ones I researched on "Starting your own business", I went through hundreds of recommendations on Goodreads, and Pinterest until I found these. Not only will each one inspire and motivate you to start that business idea of your's, but these books make it so easy to understand and lay out in a step by step system you will have NO EXCUSE not to put that idea to work.  

Creative, INC.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business - This book is a must for creatives like me who is a Freelance Makeup Artist. It walks you through picking out a name, legalities, and how to negotiate. Since I'm only on page 44, which is the chapter on "How To Make It Official" is the steps to obtaining a business licence, and where to go next. I also love how the authors have profiles of real creatives who give their advice on what to do and what not to do during their careers in the business. 

She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur - I literally just got this book 2 days ago, I found Carrie Greens advertisement on Facebook and it immediately intrigued me. I read her blog, Facebook posts and pre-ordered her book and to be honest I am so happy I did. This girl knew what she was doing and totally speaks to my blogger side. This book is of course geared towards female entrepreneurs but has valuable information for all genders looking to start a business. 

The Girl's Guide to Starting Your Own Business: Candid Advice, Frank Talk, and True Stories for the Successful Entrepreneur - This again is for the female entrepreneur but has useful advice for everyone. The point of this book is to mentor and inspire starting up business in todays economy, and the book was actually revised in light of the recent economic changes. It's a great book to read because it forces you to ask yourself questions that no-one else will, and make sure you are confident in your decisions.

Business Plans Made Easy: It's Not As Hard As You Think!  - Now this was a book I found years ago laying around my family cottage, and I sort of kept it with me. Which is funny because at the time I found it I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life,  I'm pretty sure it was when I first went to college for Fashion Studies or something like that. I guess I kind of always knew the I was meant to be an Entrepreneur. This is similar to those "Guides for Dummy's" books, you know those fool proof step by step ones? which are pretty standard and a good book to have in your arsenal.  

Dont Forget Your Own Book! 
By book I mean a scrapbook or inspiration/mood board. Its your first steps to branding your business and its a collection of everything you love about the business your creating. I created mine by going to Walmart and buying a pack of sheet protectors, three ring binder and any inspirational paper to put in it (mine were tares from my favourite magazines). 

Fishing adventure in Bamfield BC on the Pacific Rim of Vancouver.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

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    This was probably my favourite part of the whole trip, the journey by boat to our friend Myles’s hometown of Bamfield, BC.
    The history of this little fishing community is so intriguing to me, especially because I am status Ojibway from Ontario and the native reserves that were neighbouring to Bamfield are Huu-ay-aht of the Nuu-chah-nulth the local aboriginal people of Vancouver Island. Bamfeild was named after the first government agent “William Eddy Banfield” and the story goes that the natives couldn’t pronounce his name properly and somehow ended calling it Bamfeild. 

     This was actually where we spent our week, on the reserve where Myles’s mother was the former chief. Lucky us, because we were invited to stay at his family home on top of a little hill over looking an inlet that had killer whales come into during summer months! I have never wanted to stay in bed longer in my life than I did in that bedroom with the love of my life.  

 The very next morning we woke up bright and early, 5:30 am to be exact. Got ready, ate some good food and drove to the fishing docks to get ready for our fishing adventure. 
    Little known fact, but I LOVE fishing! If there was one thing I could do it would be to write blogs about fishing all over the world. So why not add the famous West Coast’s fishing to that list?.  I had the best time (even though my mouth still hurt still from this day) but I was defiantly a trouper that day, I just couldn't imagine not enjoying that experience. 

    We caught a few salmon, while the boys drank I was completely content and probably a little high from the pain meds to be honest. For the next few days I was completely in my element floating in the fishing boat on the Pacific Rim of Vancouver, with nothing but the ocean, Snow covered mountains and Eagles perched on the top of the trees watching us reel up Chinook Salmon. Those are the moments that make life worth living. 

Mila, Myles's cute pup! She loved the boat, and got super cold so we wrapped her up. 

    One of the last days we got a tour around Bamfeild by a local resident who we called Uncle Richard. He was truly a character and someone I will not forget. We visited the Marine Biology institute which was really cool, we ate at a restaurant that you could only get to by boat, when to the watch room in a tree (you read that right, a tree!) it was part of a eco friendly project that turned an old tree trunk into a self regulating port-a-potty, next to a cat village (small outdoor cat houses built on the docks). Such a wicked experience! 

Vancouver Road Trip (Part 1)

Monday, 30 January 2017

 A 5 hour flight from Toronto to Calgary, followed by a short lay over and an final hour flight on a smaller Air Canada plane which landed me in Grande Prairie Alberta. A full day of travelling forsake, and I was met by the love of my life, my boyfriend, who works for a fracking company in Northern Alberta. 
    The purpose of this BC road trip was to celebrate his 27th birthday, and we wanted to make sure it was a special one. 

    We planned  to drive from Grande Prairie in Northern Alberta, to Vancouver in time to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island where we would continue on for another four hours to Port Albany. 
    The trip went according to plan, and let me tell you I HIGHLY recommend driving through the northern parts of both provinces, it is a beautiful scenic drive full of snow coloured mountains that Canada is famous for.

    We arrived late that evening in Port Albany after almost a 12 hour drive, needless to say we were sleeping as soon as we arrived at our friend Myles’s home. The next morning was spent sightseeing the little fishing town on Vancouver Island’s coast, we saw where the fishing boats hum into port, where the logging companies shopped the harvested trees to dockside timber marts. So the night before my flight departed, I had an emergency dental surgery for a broken tooth (thank you turkey omelets, and still not quite sure how that happened). So I was feeling pretty okay with the pain meds, until they didn’t work anymore and I thought there might be something else wrong and had to check into a BC hospital. They checked me out, and sent me home with more pain medications which I wasn’t too happy about. 

Continued on part 2.....