About Me

"This is a modern mama heaven, where you will find inspiration without motherhood advice or shaming. I want this place to be for those who love and embrace motherhood, but also keep your sense of self and style. I share my self styled fashion posts, beauty tips and makeup tricks that I’ve learnt along the way, interviews with inspirational people who will inspire and motivate you the reader as much as they have motivated and inspired me! I also share personal post’s about motherhood, that include all the good and all the bad because we shouldn’t feel ashamed to share those moments with other mamas." 
Stephanie started The All Canadian Girl in 2017 as a creative outlet. Before working from home, Stephanie has worked for many years in different salons and spas, then owned her own professional makeup artistry business that focused on making women and sometimes men feel just as beautiful on the outside as they should feel inside. She has worked on TV personalities, as well as many brides, moms, and young ladies. She taught them all about skin care, makeup and how to apply those things like the professional she is. 
Stephanie went back to school in her early 20’s, because she decided she was going to follow her childhood dream of becoming a Kindergarten teacher. After she finished she worked with several organizations that focused on teaching and helping disadvantaged youth, and children in low income communities. Stephanie is an Aboriginal Native in Canada, and has a soft spot for working with Aboriginal children since she has strong ties to her heritage, and until recently she has spent most of her time working with children on reserves to teach them how to love themselves, and provide them with the life skills necessary. This gave her the knowledge of child behaviour and care she will share in some of her blog posts.  

In early 2016 she was reunited with her childhood best friend, and since then they have travelled many places, bought their first home which was condo in Toronto, Ontario.  . Stephanie found out she was pregnant the summer of 2017, and the couple is expected to deliver a beautiful baby girl in February 2018, and since finding out they sold their condo for a home north of the city in a quiet small town. You can follow her pregnancy here

Reading this blog you will find posts about health, wellness, home decor, casual fashion, everyday beauty, as well as engaging personal posts about motherhood and other authentic moment, and inspirational interviews!  
“My hope for the readers of The All Canadian Girl is that they gain a sense of inspiration, but most importantly a connection to all the other beautiful modern mothers in the world. I also want to be able to use this platform to support various children's charities, and inspire this community of mothers to find their passion.” 

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