Penelope's First Month - 1 month update

Friday, 23 March 2018

Here we are, officially one month old! It has been a month of first’s; first bath, first tummy time, first upset stomach, first time sleeping in your crib and those are just the first's of many others to come. Penelope my sweet daughter, has had her first upset tummy that we think it might be a formula allergy thats causing constipation, a facial rash and fussy eating. My poor girl there is nothing worse then seeing your newborn baby in so much discomfort. 

I honestly feel so lucky to have such an extraordinary baby. She is so serene, and very at peace with everything from bath time, to road trips.
Most nights Tone and I spend the evenings together on the couch usually watching hockey or some sports show, we take turns holding our bundle of joy, she’s our source of our happiness. Its those nights that we talk about how much we love where our life is, and Tony usually proclaims that he always knew that this would happen.  

This past week we saw our midwife for a monthly check in, and weighed Penelope at 8lbs 13oz. She is eating, pooping and peeing perfectly (anyone with a newborn knows that is the tell tale sign that everything is okay). 
Anyway our first month has come and gone with our darling Penelope, and it couldn’t be more perfect in anyway. 

Apparently daddy Tony has a hidden talent of getting fussy babies to bed real quick.. well maybe just our fussy baby.

Farmhouse Bedroom Reno

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


We bought our house this past November, and since we moved in I have been toying with the plan to redesign the painters beige walls and to eliminate the echoey, bare walls. The only problem was that I was very much pregnant, even thou I was in full nesting mode Tony had made sure I wasn't in here painting the walls and inhaling unnecessary fumes. 

So, the itch remained unscratched so to say.. and I turned to Pinterest to fill that need. I'm glad I waited because I knew I wanted barn board somewhere but I didn't know which shade, or what colour our three other bedroom walls would be.  I am slowly picking out all the decor that will turn my average room, into the bedroom of my dreams. 

|| BEFORE ||

I needed to find a style that fit with our environment, that took notice of the beautiful place we call home and let it influence the decor. I came up with the Farmhouse style, which is very much on trend and I love its simplicity.  Over the next few months, we will be beginning to transform each room of our house and I honestly am so excited! I love that we bought this house, it feels exactly like a home should feel like. I thought I would share some of the style inspirations, decor items I buy and the progress pictures. 

|| DECOR ||

Review of Boons, Grass drying rack.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

  I actually saw this the first time at Walmart, and it caught my eye but I didn’t end up buying it. Then a few days later I was watching a youtuber named Tara Henderson, who’s mom style I seriously love and she had the it for her two girls. I could not get it out of my head after that, because the more I thought about it the more I questioned why I was using the same drying rack I used for the rest of my dishes. It made more work for me drying the bottles with my other dishes because I always felt like I needed to disinfect them every time and it was a lot more work for a mommy with a newborn. I obviously bought it as soon as I could get to the store, and honestly I don’t know why I didn’t get it the first time! I think because I couldn’t picture how in the world the grass would look in my house… but after seeing it in her home I thought it looked really adorable. That's the reason I love this product, because in reality you could go out and get a standard drying rack from Walmart or a dollar store and it would do the same thing but it wouldn't look as good. Since your going to be using it every single day, I would rather get something that I will actually like to look at.  

    The top piece of grass has lots of room for drying parts of the bottles, and the bottom is where the water collects and comes apart so it can be easily cleaned. Boon also makes a larger drying rack called The Lawn, and another version called The Patch. The other fun thing about Boon, is that they make drying rack accessories that looks like flowers for drying nipples and utensils which makes it look so adorable on your kitchen table. I have not had any problems with this drying rack, and would defiantly be buying the flower accessories that go with it. The drying rack comes in white, if that suits your style more. 

**This is not a paid review, and is solely my opinion of this product.  

Mom & Baby Daily Style Diary: March 16th 2018

Friday, 16 March 2018

On Baby: Currently out of stock but this Dress is really cute, Headband 

Hey guys! I got asked so many times where I've been finding all her dresses lately, because it is hard to find really cute things like dresses for newborns. I found this at Walmart! it was on sale for $6 and I couldn't resist buying it to put her in it for Easter.   
My style on the other hand has done a full revamp since being pregnant. When I was pregnant I refused to buy myself anything that wasn't a total necessity. So post-partum I am finally feeling more like myself and wanted to start wearing cute outfits again. I went out and bought myself these Hunter Boots and I have literally wore them everyday! I basically live in these leggings, and who can resist a cute denim shirt. 

My Breastfeeding Journey: Low Breast Milk Supply

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

** My breastfeeding journey is a series that will be written every Tuesday, in hopes of reducing the stigma of breastfeeding, formula feeding and simply feeding. My hope is that being transparent with the struggles of feeding my newborn that us mothers can stop mom shaming, and mom guilt. 

When I was younger and would picture my future family, and I was always breast feeding my babies. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would be exclusively breast feeding when I had my baby girl. It wasn't until she was actually born, I realized how little I knew about breastfeeding. Tony and I didn't really read any baby books, mostly because we believed that for the most part being a parent would come naturally. I do have books like, "what to expect, when expecting" even though I have the basic idea of nursing, its proved that its nothing like getting in there and actually learn how to do it yourself.

Penelope was born a perfect eater, she was placed on my chest right after my midwife delivered her and she latched immediately. The midwife and nurse were ecstatic, they told us they don't see a lot of newborn babies that have no problems with feeding.

Penelope had been born jaundice and had a minor breathing issue that needed to be monitored in the NICU.  She was there for three days and I was discharged, which her NICU nurses had then given her formula as a substitute for my milk because I was sent home and couldn't be there all night to feed her. It was so hard leaving her, and I felt like I had failed and the mom guilt set in.  There we're benefits to giving her formula at the time and the biggest one was that it contained a higher amount of vitamin D which was one of the reasons we managed to decrease the jaundice levels so quick. However, because Penelope was away from me and not breast feeding every one to two hours my milk supply suffered, and I realized that the first night we brought her home. The first night at home with our new baby, was a struggle. We were awake all night, baby was so hungry she couldn't sleep and I couldn't give her enough milk! I wasn't producing nearly enough milk, and I felt horrible. I was so exhausted when morning rolled around, and I gave in. As soon as Tony woke up he went to the store, and bought formula. I felt defeated, and like a failure. I felt like I couldn't provide my child with the essential to live. I filled the tub and cried by myself that morning, little did I know not taking care of myself was really hurting my baby's chance of drinking my breastmilk.

The top reasons your milk may not come in are:
1. Stress 
2. Lack of sleep 
3. Being away from your baby, or not pumping enough. 
4. Not drinking enough water

All of these, and many other factors can directly affect the amount of your milk supply. That night I was already awake for what felt like 5 days, (my labour was 4 days) and I had probably only slept a few hours here and there. I was physically, and mentally exhausted and my body was telling me to stop and to take care of myself. It's like when your on a plane and the stewardess is going through the emergency procedures, "You put the mask on yourself first, and then put a mask on your child" because you are no help to your child if you cant breathe. 

I am so grateful for my parents, especially my mom who watched and formula fed bottles to Penelope while I slept. I had a visit the next day from my midwife, and she said to keep going and baby will know how to increase my supply. Usually the baby cluster feeds for the first week or so, feeding every hour or two. As exhausting as cluster feeding is, it ensures you get your milk supply increasing so that the baby can get enough to grow. The advice I was give was to keep pumping every few hours, to feed her as much as I can and perhaps the most important thing I could do for her was to REST! 

52 Weeks: 11/52

Monday, 12 March 2018


Penelope: Finally not minding bath time, you can tell by the look on her face

Penelope: Her first time seeing your doggy mobile above her head, and watching her smile at them. I think she likes watching it.

Playing catch up on the 52 week challenge. Which is a photo of my family every week of the year, and I of course started a little late but I really wanted a way to capture my daughter and our life with her in a creative way.

Baby Milestones: Weeks 1 - 2

I know when I was pregnant I loved weekly updates, but I never got the chance to do them every week like I had hoped. So now that she is here, I am making sure I keep a journal of her development and milestones. 

Week 1 
Baby Development: 
This week she (day 6) she was already over her birth weight which was 6lbs 13oz, and weighed 7lbs 5oz.  Her umbilical cord is still attached, but a big piece did fall off and we were able to take the clip off.

1 week old baby milestones 
Baby has had several “outings” to get her Jaundice levels checked at the hospital already. We have settled in at home, and are working on a routine. 

1 week old baby food
Baby girl is breast feeding, and drinking formula as well. Since she was in the NICU for 3 days with Jaundice and breathing issues there were sometimes I was unable to breast feed her, and the nurses gave her formula. I wasn’t producing enough milk when we did bring her home, I felt so horrible and her dad had to run out and get her the Enfamil formula. This formula was the exact one she was getting while in the NICU and it also provides the newborn with DHA, but more importantly it contains extra vitamin D which is used to cure jaundice in children. 
In two days her Jaundice levels dropped from 270 to 170 which is a substantial drop and had to be rechecked because they thought there was a mistake. There was no mistake Penelope just needed you be at home with her family, I did a lot of skin to skin, she had natural light and a mix of breast and formula feedings. (I will go into more detail about our experience with Jaundice and breathing issues later). 

Feeding and Sleep
Penelope has had several nights of cluster feeding and sleepless nights, which were very long. I was so tired during the day, which is of course when she slept and we had appointments so I couldn’t join her in taking naps. 

Week 2 
2 Week old baby development
She has had a growth spirt this week, I noticed her clothes aren’t fitting her like they did the week before. So I’ve been trying to use all of her newborn clothes now and take as many pictures as possible and videos because she is growing so fast it feels like. 

2 week old baby milestones 
Early this week her little umbilical cord fell of. My mom saved it, just like she saved mine and my sisters. This means no more sponge baths and she can now have a real bath with mommy and daddy. 
(Insert picture) 
She can now see anywhere from 8 - 12 inches away from her face. There is also a lot of dreaming happening, and I wonder what she dreams about? We watch her sometimes, she smiles, frowns and looks like she’s going to cry when she’s dreaming. 

Feeding and Sleeping 
Feeding is happening around the clock lately. A few times this week she did sleep almost 3 hours between feedings which was amazing for me. 
This week we can start putting her on her tummy, in just two or three short sessions.