A Mom Car of My Own

Since the beginning of August I have been searching high and low for the mom car of my dreams. It was hard initially to narrow down the vehicle I had in mind, I knew it had to be an SUV or Crossover and either white or black in colour. I also knew that I did not want a van of any sort.  Friday mor…

An October Day

Im watching Penelope in her play pen thats placed directly in front of the couch. She's watching both her parents scrupulously while talking baby and saying things like "eiyoo" and "daa-daa" then waits for a acknowledgment. I don't think she likes her Play Pen too much. 

7 Months Old!

Where has the time gone?! I can not believe Penelope is 7 months old today. She has changed my entire world in the most beautiful way.

Sleeping: Her sleeping habits are great, she had gone through a "sleep regression"which means she practically slept like a newborn and was awake every hour…
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