British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Road Trip (Part 1)

 A 5 hour flight from Toronto to Calgary, followed by a short lay over and an final hour flight on a smaller Air Canada plane which landed me in Grande Prairie Alberta. A full day of travelling forsake, and I was met by the love of my life, my boyfriend, who works for a fracking company in Northern Alberta. 
    The purpose of this BC road trip was to celebrate his 27th birthday, and we wanted to make sure it was a special one. 

    We planned  to drive from Grande Prairie in Northern Alberta, to Vancouver in time to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island where we would continue on for another four hours to Port Albany. 
    The trip went according to plan, and let me tell you I HIGHLY recommend driving through the northern parts of both provinces, it is a beautiful scenic drive full of snow coloured mountains that Canada is famous for.

    We arrived late that evening in Port Albany after almost a 12 hour drive, needless to say we were sleeping as soon as we arrived at our friend Myles’s home. The next morning was spent sightseeing the little fishing town on Vancouver Island’s coast, we saw where the fishing boats hum into port, where the logging companies shopped the harvested trees to dockside timber marts. So the night before my flight departed, I had an emergency dental surgery for a broken tooth (thank you turkey omelets, and still not quite sure how that happened). So I was feeling pretty okay with the pain meds, until they didn’t work anymore and I thought there might be something else wrong and had to check into a BC hospital. They checked me out, and sent me home with more pain medications which I wasn’t too happy about. 

Continued on part 2.....


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