Fishing adventure in Bamfield BC on the Pacific Rim of Vancouver.

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    This was probably my favourite part of the whole trip, the journey by boat to our friend Myles’s hometown of Bamfield, BC.
    The history of this little fishing community is so intriguing to me, especially because I am status Ojibway from Ontario and the native reserves that were neighbouring to Bamfield are Huu-ay-aht of the Nuu-chah-nulth the local aboriginal people of Vancouver Island. Bamfeild was named after the first government agent “William Eddy Banfield” and the story goes that the natives couldn’t pronounce his name properly and somehow ended calling it Bamfeild. 

     This was actually where we spent our week, on the reserve where Myles’s mother was the former chief. Lucky us, because we were invited to stay at his family home on top of a little hill over looking an inlet that had killer whales come into during summer months! I have never wanted to stay in bed longer in my life than I did in that bedroom with the love of my life.  

 The very next morning we woke up bright and early, 5:30 am to be exact. Got ready, ate some good food and drove to the fishing docks to get ready for our fishing adventure. 
    Little known fact, but I LOVE fishing! If there was one thing I could do it would be to write blogs about fishing all over the world. So why not add the famous West Coast’s fishing to that list?.  I had the best time (even though my mouth still hurt still from this day) but I was defiantly a trouper that day, I just couldn't imagine not enjoying that experience. 

    We caught a few salmon, while the boys drank I was completely content and probably a little high from the pain meds to be honest. For the next few days I was completely in my element floating in the fishing boat on the Pacific Rim of Vancouver, with nothing but the ocean, Snow covered mountains and Eagles perched on the top of the trees watching us reel up Chinook Salmon. Those are the moments that make life worth living. 

Mila, Myles's cute pup! She loved the boat, and got super cold so we wrapped her up. 

    One of the last days we got a tour around Bamfeild by a local resident who we called Uncle Richard. He was truly a character and someone I will not forget. We visited the Marine Biology institute which was really cool, we ate at a restaurant that you could only get to by boat, when to the watch room in a tree (you read that right, a tree!) it was part of a eco friendly project that turned an old tree trunk into a self regulating port-a-potty, next to a cat village (small outdoor cat houses built on the docks). Such a wicked experience! 


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