28 Week Bump Update (Third Trimester)

28 weeks

Here we are, officially in the third trimester or 28 weeks! My What To Expect app on my phone tells me I’m only 11 weeks and 6 days from meeting our sweet little girl. According to the app she is as big as a cauliflower which is 41 cm long, and weighs about 1.1 kg. I have also started to feel her hiccups and kicks so much more frequently and they have gotten stronger.

27 weeks 
Ive been asked so many times where to find these boots, and now you can buy them HERE.

You just read that right! We have found out the gender and are so excited that we are going to be parents to a beautiful baby girl in a couple months. 

We have even picked out a name for her! Penelope Francis Gibson.

It was pretty easy for us to choose this name, it was perfect and both these names mean something for Tony and I. Penelope will be named after my aunt who passed away, which I also inherited it as a middle name "Penny". "Francis" is in honour of Tony’s grandma who was diagnosed with cancer shorty before we found out we were going to be parents.

25 weeks
This is my absolute favourite Stripped Maternity Shirt (even if it doesn't match I was going for comfort not style).

It is so crazy to think that my body has gone through such a transformation, and is now accommodating another little life along with mine. What a wild journey this has been, at first I was so unsure that I could do this or that I would be able to give everything I had to this baby. As time has gone on, I have become more sure of myself. More confident that I can do this, and that I will do this and that I can give our little Penelope an amazing life that she deserves. 

So here’s to all 28 weeks of this pregnancy, my wonderful body for allowing this miraculous experience. Things are about to change yet again, but I’m feeling more and more ready for her to be here. Let the countdown begin! 

19 weeks


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