You'll never guess what we found hidden in our back yard!

Monday, 21 May 2018

"There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture on the lonely shore, there is society, where no one intrudes, by the deep sea, and music by its roar. I love not man the less, but nature more." - Lord Byron 

Sometimes we like to take walks, get lost and find lakehouses... and sometimes its on purpose, but mostly by accident. Isn't that what makes life a grand adventure? Our little family walk took us through our backyard which coincidentally ends at a secret lake that's pretty much in our backyard!  

   Penelope is starting to laugh, I mean at this moment it's more of a gurgle, or a squeak.. but I just want to document this historic moment of our almost-laughing baby!

The New Mom Uniform

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Baby P has been all about her mama lately, which I love but at the same time I wish I could have a break. Im sure its very typical of breastfeed babies to have that attachment to their source of food, but what do you do when dad starts to feel left out? Tony mentioned the other day that he thinks she doesn't like him anymore, because during the first few weeks she would sit with him and only him, watch hockey and smile every time she herd his voice. 

On unrelated news, the OOTD pictures are what I like to call the "leggings-are-the-only-thing-that-fit-right-now" outfit, and "I'm-a-new-mom" outfit. My colder weather outfits basically consist of some kind of black legging from Walmart, or TNA and a pretty top. I went through my closet the other day, and made the conscious choice to pull my summer dresses out of storage, and even thou I can't fit into my jeans just yet I am mentally preparing my outfits as soon as I can fit them again. 

10 Things On My To-Do List

Thursday, 10 May 2018

1. Wake up make a coffee, oatmeal & go to the gym: We have made this our routine now for 3 weeks! weird thing is, I've actually gained weight...  confused? same. 

2. By another phone card: We've been budgeting so much lately, and have come to the conclusions a pay-as-you-go phone is so much cheaper than on a plan. Ill never sign another cellphone contract again, the amount of debt from me loosing my phone like 10 times a year is simply ridiculous, and now that we have a child things are changing around here.

3. Go grocery shopping: We've completely cut bread out (for the 3 weeks we've been working out for), and eating very clean. Meaning only whole, simple food and none of this eating fried anything anymore. I have honestly NEVER felt so good in YEARS.

4. Write a blog post: I’ve been attempting to write every night for the past week, and every time I’ve fallen asleep with my lap top on me. I have so many moments I want to write down to remember, I know I’ll thank myself later in life for these post’s. 

5. Take my pills: As I mentioned here before I was put on anti-depressant medication when I was pregnant, and that is part of my reason to workout everyday, to work on getting off everything. Except, my usual Omega 3’s, Prenatal, Magnesium Supplement, B12 & now birth control. 

6. Edit videos: I highly doubt I’m going to get around to doing this until after Tony leaves for school on Monday, but I really want to put together a few more videos of our family. 

7. Bath Penelope: Since she’s breastfed she doesn’t go poo everyday, and then there are some times when she goes twice in one day and it also explodes out of her diaper. 

8. Read a bedtime story to Penelope: Im getting in the habit of reading to her every night before bed. I remember some of the books that we have for her and I know she will love them just the same. 

9. Drink more Protein: We bought new protein (12 lbs of it actually), because we are that dedicated and back to our regular lifestyle which requires healthy eating and hours in the gym (my favourite). 

10. Spend as much time with Tony as we can: Tony leaves for school on Monday, which is 5 hours away. He has class from Monday - Friday and is staying in a dorm during the week. Its only for 3 months and we get to see him most weekends, but I plan on writing and taking even more pictures just so he won’t miss any major moments in Princess P’s life while he’s gone. I know ill be so bored without him, I know ill have baby but he is honestly my best friend. 

Time is the best gift

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

We often get caught up in the mundane rituals of our daily lives, and we forget to really "stop and smell the flowers", we forget that our moments with our loved ones can be fleeting.
I got a strong reality check the other day, twice in one day actually. Tuesday I got a phone call from my mom telling me my grandma had a heart attack, and was being transported to the Newmarket Hospital which specializes in anything to do with the heart. I took the baby and went to visit her in the hospital, just to make sure things were going to be okay. Mama's a fighter, let me tell you.. this lady wanted to go home the next day and after running tests and given some medication she was able to do just that.

Tuesday afternoon, my other grandma "Bubie" went to her doctors appointment just to confirm what we had all thought. Bubie has Alzheimer's. This sick and crippling disease is probably one of the worst, because even though they are physically here, mentally they aren't.
It was a strong reality check for me, to live in the moment, to keep those plans, to go above and beyond to spend time with my loved ones. In the end its not about the Gucci sunglasses or new trucks, its about spending your time with that person.

So Wednesday I made sure to call my sister and ask her to meet up with us for an afternoon walk. I went and picked up Bubie, and drove to my sisters with the baby of course. It was a beautiful day out for a walk, and I think being out doors and with family really helped Bubie with her depression (which is associated with Alzheimer's).

You never really know when something can happen to someone you love. I can't stress this enough, put down your phone, turn off your computer and really focus on making those connections while you still can. So, Im taking my own advice as I write this on my lap top this morning. My daughter is sitting in her chair looking at me, and I'm going to turn everything off and take her for a walk.

Hope you all spend some time with your loved ones today!

The Winter that didn't want to leave.

Friday, 4 May 2018

I have been trying to write this blog post now for a few days, each time starting it just to get busy and eventually feeling my eyes get heavier and heavier.. soon I was asleep. So needless to say it never got done, and I'm slowly figuring out this motherhood gig makes me crazy tired but so happy at the same time. 
I want to be able to write, document and journal a little something about my wonderful family every week just so I can look back one day at all our beautiful photos. This is my creative space that I am so proud of. 

Well its MAY! but the weather doesn't seem to have gotten the memo, because two weeks ago we had a massive snow storm (see picture above); then today it was plus 25 with a tornado warning! WTH!

Penelope is all smiles and laughs lately. She loves sucking her hands, and theres a lot of drooling which makes me very concerned that it might be the beginning of her teething, and let me tell you WE ARE NOT READY! 
She is also going through a "phase" where all she wants is her mommy, and screams bloody murder when her dad holds her. It breaks my heart because I don't want Tony to think she doesn't like him or be hurt by that. She just knows I'm her food source. 

The picture of baby P and her daddy in the tub tugs my heart strings every time. I just love the L-O-V-E in our little family so much. 

May is for Makeup

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Im not sure if I mentioned this before but I am a Professional Makeup Artist, I've worked with TV personalities, done magazine shoots and I have worked with so many brides which is one of my favourite makeup looks to be a part of. 
So I know a little something about makeup. 
However, as a new mom my makeup arsenal has completely changed. I usually don't wear anything on a daily basis. If I want to look a little more put together, ill put on some concealer, use a brow pencil and maybe some mascara but I'm digging the natural lash look lately. 

When I have a special night, or say a baby show to go to (because thats more realistic for me right now) I will put on a little more makeup. 
The makeup that really works for me lately is the Naked 2 palette for my eyeshadows, because the colours go with everything and all the shadows are high quality where I don't necessarily need primer. 

When I want to look really good, I always go for a high quality contour kit! This one by Anastasia is amazing, it comes in several different colours to fit your skin tone plus it includes a highlighter which is fantastic (because its not too bright and not to subtle). I just love using the contour palette, with a little blush and I'm ready to take some bomb pictures. 

Both of these can be purchased at Sephora for under $60, and they both last really long. So if your a new mama and want to treat yourself to a little makeup, I would suggest going for these and just play around with what looks good on you.