10 Things On My To-Do List

1. Wake up make a coffee, oatmeal & go to the gym: We have made this our routine now for 3 weeks! weird thing is, I've actually gained weight...  confused? same. 

2. By another phone card: We've been budgeting so much lately, and have come to the conclusions a pay-as-you-go phone is so much cheaper than on a plan. Ill never sign another cellphone contract again, the amount of debt from me loosing my phone like 10 times a year is simply ridiculous, and now that we have a child things are changing around here.

3. Go grocery shopping: We've completely cut bread out (for the 3 weeks we've been working out for), and eating very clean. Meaning only whole, simple food and none of this eating fried anything anymore. I have honestly NEVER felt so good in YEARS.

4. Write a blog post: I’ve been attempting to write every night for the past week, and every time I’ve fallen asleep with my lap top on me. I have so many moments I want to write down to remember, I know I’ll thank myself later in life for these post’s. 

5. Take my pills: As I mentioned here before I was put on anti-depressant medication when I was pregnant, and that is part of my reason to workout everyday, to work on getting off everything. Except, my usual Omega 3’s, Prenatal, Magnesium Supplement, B12 & now birth control. 

6. Edit videos: I highly doubt I’m going to get around to doing this until after Tony leaves for school on Monday, but I really want to put together a few more videos of our family. 

7. Bath Penelope: Since she’s breastfed she doesn’t go poo everyday, and then there are some times when she goes twice in one day and it also explodes out of her diaper. 

8. Read a bedtime story to Penelope: Im getting in the habit of reading to her every night before bed. I remember some of the books that we have for her and I know she will love them just the same. 

9. Drink more Protein: We bought new protein (12 lbs of it actually), because we are that dedicated and back to our regular lifestyle which requires healthy eating and hours in the gym (my favourite). 

10. Spend as much time with Tony as we can: Tony leaves for school on Monday, which is 5 hours away. He has class from Monday - Friday and is staying in a dorm during the week. Its only for 3 months and we get to see him most weekends, but I plan on writing and taking even more pictures just so he won’t miss any major moments in Princess P’s life while he’s gone. I know ill be so bored without him, I know ill have baby but he is honestly my best friend. 


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