Penelopes First May 24 at the Cottage

This weekend was May 24. Now most college kids, and all the non-parents spend this weekend in a boozy-fun filled blur. Us on the other hand, the new parents we are had a very low-key, and very wet weekend at the cottage. After a quick visit to Tony's grandma who was diagnosed with cancer this past year, we had set off towards Cedar Point to catch the 1:30 ferry boat towards Christian Island. 
I know rain always makes things feel slow-moving, and lethargic. However, a good spring shower is always refreshing and restoring, which was exactly what our souls needed. 
We got to the cottage where we were greeted by both my parents, who promptly took Penelope so they can get some much needed grandma, grandpa, and Penelope time in.  We didn't mind. Tony and I crawled up the old wooden stairs that corkscrew in the middle of the cottage, up into my old bedroom. We laid there, quiet so we could hear the heavy rain outside the window. It's in those moments where we don't let the raindrops go to waste, where we have time to just be together without worry or thought of anyone but each other (and of Baby P of course, who is always in our thoughts even without meaning to be). 

Later that evening after a short but amicable nap, the rain had let up. Giving just the right amount of time for Tony and my dad to go try their hand at catching their first fish of the year (besides ice fishing). It was rather unsuccessful due to the cold temperatures and lack of thermocline. 
Around dinner our dear friends, and their daughter Isla came to meet Penelope for the first time and I was beyond thrilled that I managed to take out out my camera just in time to snap this moment. I can just imagine the fun these two will have in a few summers at this special little cottage on the lake.


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