What diapers we use for our sensitive baby

Our daughter Penelope was born with her daddy's super sensitive skin, and we soon realized it was going to be a problem when it came to almost every product we had in our house hold. Almost every lotion, spray and even the cleaning products had to be changed to a chemical-free solution that was preferably organic as well. 
Before P was born we thought we would cut some of the new baby costs, by using some of the items we were given for free or as gifts just like every new parent does. 

One night after a routine changing of our then 5 day old baby, I noticed she had a rash around her diaper and in true new-mom form I immediately contacted our midwife who said just to,
"keep an eye on the rash, and if it changes or progresses to contact them immediately". 
Only an hour or so after that changing it was time to change her again, this time I noticed whatever was causing the rash around her stomach and legs was from the diaper. 

Things didn't stop there, the next morning we woke up to Penelope's face completely swollen, red and  dry. I of course started to panic, not knowing what had done this to my baby! I mentally went through everything that I had given to her, even the things that I ate since I was still breast feeding. 

Thank goodness Tony was familiar with her rash, and immediately recognized it as eczema. As a child he would break out really bad in a hot, itchy rash from using anything that wasn't Aveno. He said he would have baby oil baths because his skin was horribly dry, and scaled.

Poor child. 

Knowing this I was determined to not have the same outcome for Penelope, and set off to find any natural products I could, which included finding a new diaper brand. 
Thats how I came to find Seventh Generation diapers, which is suppose to be better for sensitive baby skin and boasts about making products that are designed better for human and planet health. We also love the Honest Company, which is similar and also eco-friendly. Both companies have made their diapers really well and it doesn't hurt that they also look very cute!
I actually look forward to changing her diaper! 

Here is a list of products we use daily, and would recommend for your babies sensitive/eczema skin:

- Aveeno Baby, Eczema Care Moisturizing Cream  
- Aveeno Baby, Sunscreen SPF 50 
- Aveeno Baby, Lightly Scented Wash & Shampoo 
- Aveeno Baby, Daily Lotion 
- The Honest Co., Organic Healing Balm
- The Honest Co., Diapers 
- Seventh Generation Diapers Diapers 
- (Local) Evocative Essentials Baby Bum Spray & Baby Body Butter


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