3 Month Update (14 weeks old)

It's so amazing and miraculous how three months can entirely change your whole twenty-seven year old world as you know it. I have learnt so much in only twelve weeks, about my baby but also about myself, as a mother and as a person. 
Milestones this month:
- she mimics the sounds, movements and expressions we make. 
- can raise her head for more than a few seconds and turn to either side while on her tummy. 
- she opens and closes her hands, usually holding her toys now and gives them a good shake.
- she has increased hand and eye coordination which she can now use to grab at toys, and objects. 
- she also bats at handing toys above her
- can kick like no tomorrow and swing her arms so fast. 

Five Senses: 
- Not only is she working on becoming a great communicator, but she makes eye contact with everyone and give s a little smile. She also recognizes faces now, like me and her dad, my sister and my parents. 
- She can follow objects with her eyes, and watches her parents doing things around her. 
- One of my favourite things she does, is she smiles when she hears my voice. Every morning while Tonys away he Facetimes us and her eyes light up, she squeals, smiles and kicks when she hears/sees him. 

Weight, Clothing sizes and how much she's eating: 
I haven't weighed her recently (in the last week), but the last time I did she was already 14 lbs! She is currently wearing 3-6 month clothing which makes me sad because I went through all her clothes and put away her 'newborn' outfits. She can still barely fit her 0-3 month outfits, but ill probably be putting those away really soon too. 
I don't ever pump because I never leave her, but I did go for surgery recently and I wasn't able to breast feed so we supplemented formula. I found that she was able to drink a full 6oz bottle like nothing and most of the time she would cry for another bottle. Which means she's getting enough food from breastfeeding! 

Her favourite things: 
Books, light up dog, musical/light up book, sucking and chewing on her hands, chewing on her blanket and teething rings!   

3 month schedule:
Penelope usually wakes up by 6:00 - 6:30.  
Eats and hone is sleeping again by 9 for her first nap. 
We usually go for a morning walk, come home and eat breakfast in the back yard and she goes for another nap around 11. 
I wil eat and get some work done before she wakes up again. 
We usually do something fun and spend time together singing or playing in her room with her sensory mat. 
Usually she will take a nap between now and dinner, then after dinner its time for her bath.
Penelope love her baths! She is defiantly a water baby, and is going to love swimming when she's older. 
If P isn't in bed and sleeping by 6:30 -7:00pm she will start to FREAK out, you know the turning red and boogers everywhere kind of freak out. So I make sure I have a set bed time routine for her, that includes reading one of her baby books and singing "hush little baby" or "amazing grace" (haha I don't know why I always sing her this song but she loves it).   
As for sleeping all night, she still will wake up around 12 and 4 to feed and I don't really expect that to change until she's done with breastfeeding all together.  

Other updates:
Penelope has started TEETHING!! Like seriously she is only 3 months, and is drooling and defiantly working on something in there. She is starting to talk more, and make more sounds like 


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