Patio Season

We bought our home, and moved in during the late fall of last year. So I never got to see what we would be dealing with when it came to our garden. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of landscaping the previous owners have done, but I still had work cut out for me. 
I was given these four hanging plants as a Mothers Day gift, from my sister. I decided to hang one off the front porch light, two off the back doors porch lights and one on the patio table just because I ran out of places to hang it.

I saw the patio lantern that you see here at Canadian Tire for $32. My plants were all found at Canadian Tire. I bought some spinach, and bell peppers that I am growing by kitchen window. I also bought some Mint, and Lavender that soaks up the afternoon light from our "coffee area". 

The outdoor rug was a find from The Real Canadian Superstore, and the pillows were $4 from Dollarramma (not a bad price, right?). 


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