Time is the best gift

We often get caught up in the mundane rituals of our daily lives, and we forget to really "stop and smell the flowers", we forget that our moments with our loved ones can be fleeting.
I got a strong reality check the other day, twice in one day actually. Tuesday I got a phone call from my mom telling me my grandma had a heart attack, and was being transported to the Newmarket Hospital which specializes in anything to do with the heart. I took the baby and went to visit her in the hospital, just to make sure things were going to be okay. Mama's a fighter, let me tell you.. this lady wanted to go home the next day and after running tests and given some medication she was able to do just that.

Tuesday afternoon, my other grandma "Bubie" went to her doctors appointment just to confirm what we had all thought. Bubie has Alzheimer's. This sick and crippling disease is probably one of the worst, because even though they are physically here, mentally they aren't.
It was a strong reality check for me, to live in the moment, to keep those plans, to go above and beyond to spend time with my loved ones. In the end its not about the Gucci sunglasses or new trucks, its about spending your time with that person.

So Wednesday I made sure to call my sister and ask her to meet up with us for an afternoon walk. I went and picked up Bubie, and drove to my sisters with the baby of course. It was a beautiful day out for a walk, and I think being out doors and with family really helped Bubie with her depression (which is associated with Alzheimer's).

You never really know when something can happen to someone you love. I can't stress this enough, put down your phone, turn off your computer and really focus on making those connections while you still can. So, Im taking my own advice as I write this on my lap top this morning. My daughter is sitting in her chair looking at me, and I'm going to turn everything off and take her for a walk.

Hope you all spend some time with your loved ones today!


  1. I love this stephanie, I too have learned a lot about time and what that really looks like now that I have a child.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective friend!


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