An October Day

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Im watching Penelope in her play pen thats placed directly in front of the couch. She's watching both her parents scrupulously while talking baby and saying things like "eiyoo" and "daa-daa" then waits for a acknowledgment. I don't think she likes her Play Pen too much. 

This afternoon was drizzly and wet, which we of course decided to go for a walk in the rain. We bundled up, and I made sure P would be snuggly and dry. By the time we reached the store it started pouring and being fully committed at that point we kept on walking, hoping the blue skies in the distance would soon give some relief. I was fully soaked, and Penelope slept dry and warm in the covered stroller. The sound of the rain must have put her to sleep. 

When the rain finally let up, I picked her up out of the stroller to show her the vibrant coloured leaves that painted the road. She watched the sun dance through the sodden leaves that still clung willfully to their tree branches. I talked to Penelope about rain storms, and fall weather and she listened closely as if she understood every word I spoke. 

I want to remember this day, and those moments because time seems to be going by faster than ever. The blur of weeks that turn into months, that will evidently become years. 

7 Months Old!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Where has the time gone?! I can not believe Penelope is 7 months old today. She has changed my entire world in the most beautiful way.

Sleeping: Her sleeping habits are great, she had gone through a "sleep regression"which means she practically slept like a newborn and was awake every hour of the night for almost two weeks, that was so difficult. That was

Eating: She eats EVERYTHING! Literally we give her whatever we eat and she LOVES it. She is a healthy and content eater. Now is the time to start teaching her healthy eating habits so she can have a good relationship for food.

New Things: Penelope is crawling! It literally just happened all of a sudden, like one day we woke up and she just started crawling. It's pretty cool watching her learn how to do things, and its neat to see how she see's the world around her.

She loves her jolly jumper that sits between the door in the bathroom. We have her play centre she loves to be in.

I really wanted to add another section to these monthly updates, which is to let the reader know how I feel. I wanted to start posting about postpartum a bit more, and being honest about things.
Am I the only one who gets very emotional watching any sad movie that has a baby in it ? Or what really gets me is seeing the news when children go missing? I have never been an emotional person but I guess thats completely changed.

I've been VLOGGING!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

This is the most recent vlog where Penelope crawls for the first time! It's so exciting watching this back because as of right this second she is so fast and solid on all fours now.

The Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, 6 October 2018

I love this time of the year the most, and not just because it's my birthday. I love the smell of fresh crisp fall air, pumpkin scents that seem to be in every store, and I love pumpkin patches. This is Penelope's fist October, first fall and first time seeing a pumpkin patch.
We woke up early, got dressed and went for a nice fall walk this morning. It was fun to show P all the leaves turning red, yellow and orange, and even thou she doesn't understand it yet I know she still loves to look at the tree's.   I made it my mission this week to find a pumpkin patch (which wasn't hard, there are like 20 within a short drive of our home) and to take pictures with Penelope. 

I am so excited for fall and all the fun fall things there is to do in our area. Let me know what you have planned for the month of October? 

Ten Things Tuesday - Baby, Mom & Dad

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Happy Tuesday! I am writing this from my office, hidden away from the rest of the house. Sometimes you just need a break. Its actually Sunday and Tony is home and while he's going through his hunting gear I'm using this time to dish out a few good blog posts for next week and I'm writing my letter of intent for the board of directors for the Early Years. As your reading this I will have already had my meeting and hopefully if everything works out I will have fully accepted the job. 

I thought I would start writing this blog post every week, as a sort of running to-do or to-buy list.

1. I have been eyeing a new stroller now for a long time. This week I am releasing a review of the Evenflo Pivot Travel System we bought when Penelope was born. We are planning on heading to Florida for a few weeks or months this winter and I want a new travel stroller. The Bugaboo brand has some that I have loved for a long time, I just cant decide between the Bugaboo Donkey (incase we have another child in the near future), or the Bugaboo Bee which I've read is the best for travel. 

2. Since we do have a long car ride ahead of us, I need to find Penelope the best carseat. I want it to be soft, comfortable but also really safe. I've done a little searching and found I like both the Graco Children Forever all in 1 (which I really love that it can be used up to 120 pounds)  and the Maxi Cosi Rachel Zoe set because its so pretty!! And if you are even more bold there is a pink Maxi Cosi Car Seat.

3. Just so happened I found the prettiest stroller of all time! But I think I need to do a bit more research on the MOODD Rachel Zoe Collection Quinny Stroller. I mean just watch the video on the Quinny website

4. So we use our baby sling everyday and it really is a life saviour. I have been eyeing these Ring Slings from WildBird, especially the Chambray in Stork. They also have Mini's for your mini ;). 

5. As our trip gets closer and closer, and I'm preparing months in advance because this is our first time travelling as a family with a baby. We also need a pack and play, or a play pen whatever you prefer. I've been eyeing this one from 4 Moms, but Ill probably end up buying the Nuna Sena Aire Travel Crib

6. There are only three clothing pieces I am dying to get her and they are Hunter Boots (she will grow into them), Brunette the Label's sweater for kids and of course a snowsuit by Canada Goose

7. OKAY now for mama's turn... I have been eyeing this black vest from North Face. This Simple Days Long Sleeve from The Everyday Shop is perfect for under vests. 

8. I have been posting a lot of vlogs on my Youtube channel, and I create those videos using iMovie. However Ive been so into being more creative with the editing process lately, and I think I'm going to buy Final Cut Pro.

9. Have any of you read The Southern Style Guide? Cristin's blog is so good and I often refer to it when I'm looking for something to buy for myself. This post about How to Transition from Summer to Fall has me itching to go shopping for some new outfits. 

10. One for the guys - Tone has been absolutely obsessed with hunting, fishing and looking for a new truck lately. His favourite rod and reel for fishing is made by Abu Garcia... I've had that name stuck in my head for weeks now.. "Abu Gar-cia" lol. 

Farewell To Penelope's First Summer

Monday, 1 October 2018

Dear Penelope, 
Im currently sitting at the breakfast spot, half tired and half of a headache after putting you to sleep in our bed again. Its Monday morning, and I have set a few deadlines for myself to get the pictures from my external hard drive & iPhone camera roll to a more respectable place. While you nap for at least the next 30 minutes, I am determined to post this little goodbye to your fist summer. 

June: What a beautiful way to start the first summer of your life sweet Penelope. We headed to the cottage as daddy was still away at school for a few more weeks. So most of the time it was just Penelope and Mommy, going on morning walks, and trips to the cottage. You were 5 months old and already experiencing so much good things this world has to offer.

July: Daddy was home! We spent a lot more time on the water this month. It was your first time on the boat with Deda and Mama which you felt right at home on. You napped in the cabin and I took a gazillion pictures because I remember a time when I was not too much older than you were and I was doing the same thing you were doing. Its tradition now. 

August: Your first word was Bella, and Deda took you swimming for the first time. The first time you touched the fresh Georgian Bay water it was a little cold and you cried for maybe a second before realizing everything was OKAY. Now you love the water in all its forms and take every chance you get to take a swim with mommy, daddy or your grandpa. 
Not only do you love Bella, but I think you love all animals. You squeezed Kitty just to show her how much you loved her, and she would let you and love you right back. 

September: Our last boat ride was a beautiful summer day that we went exploring all the islands around our home. Grandma and Grandpa would do anything for you, which including driving the boat to our house just to pick us up for a few hours while daddy was at work. Those hot, days on the water is what made up your first summer. The sounds of the waves lapping against the bow of the boat would rock you to sleep every time. 

Oh and we cant forget to include all the fish you took pictures with, and the salmon we had for dinner that is sure to make you grow strong and smart! We love you Sweet Pea, and I love the memories we have of your first summer of life! What a wonderful life it is, and oh its just going to get better and better baby girl!