Ten Things Tuesday - Baby, Mom & Dad

Happy Tuesday! I am writing this from my office, hidden away from the rest of the house. Sometimes you just need a break. Its actually Sunday and Tony is home and while he's going through his hunting gear I'm using this time to dish out a few good blog posts for next week and I'm writing my letter of intent for the board of directors for the Early Years. As your reading this I will have already had my meeting and hopefully if everything works out I will have fully accepted the job. 

I thought I would start writing this blog post every week, as a sort of running to-do or to-buy list.

1. I have been eyeing a new stroller now for a long time. This week I am releasing a review of the Evenflo Pivot Travel System we bought when Penelope was born. We are planning on heading to Florida for a few weeks or months this winter and I want a new travel stroller. The Bugaboo brand has some that I have loved for a long time, I just cant decide between the Bugaboo Donkey (incase we have another child in the near future), or the Bugaboo Bee which I've read is the best for travel. 

2. Since we do have a long car ride ahead of us, I need to find Penelope the best carseat. I want it to be soft, comfortable but also really safe. I've done a little searching and found I like both the Graco Children Forever all in 1 (which I really love that it can be used up to 120 pounds)  and the Maxi Cosi Rachel Zoe set because its so pretty!! And if you are even more bold there is a pink Maxi Cosi Car Seat.

3. Just so happened I found the prettiest stroller of all time! But I think I need to do a bit more research on the MOODD Rachel Zoe Collection Quinny Stroller. I mean just watch the video on the Quinny website

4. So we use our baby sling everyday and it really is a life saviour. I have been eyeing these Ring Slings from WildBird, especially the Chambray in Stork. They also have Mini's for your mini ;). 

5. As our trip gets closer and closer, and I'm preparing months in advance because this is our first time travelling as a family with a baby. We also need a pack and play, or a play pen whatever you prefer. I've been eyeing this one from 4 Moms, but Ill probably end up buying the Nuna Sena Aire Travel Crib

6. There are only three clothing pieces I am dying to get her and they are Hunter Boots (she will grow into them), Brunette the Label's sweater for kids and of course a snowsuit by Canada Goose

7. OKAY now for mama's turn... I have been eyeing this black vest from North Face. This Simple Days Long Sleeve from The Everyday Shop is perfect for under vests. 

8. I have been posting a lot of vlogs on my Youtube channel, and I create those videos using iMovie. However Ive been so into being more creative with the editing process lately, and I think I'm going to buy Final Cut Pro.

9. Have any of you read The Southern Style Guide? Cristin's blog is so good and I often refer to it when I'm looking for something to buy for myself. This post about How to Transition from Summer to Fall has me itching to go shopping for some new outfits. 

10. One for the guys - Tone has been absolutely obsessed with hunting, fishing and looking for a new truck lately. His favourite rod and reel for fishing is made by Abu Garcia... I've had that name stuck in my head for weeks now.. "Abu Gar-cia" lol. 


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