An October Day

Im watching Penelope in her play pen thats placed directly in front of the couch. She's watching both her parents scrupulously while talking baby and saying things like "eiyoo" and "daa-daa" then waits for a acknowledgment. I don't think she likes her Play Pen too much. 

This afternoon was drizzly and wet, which we of course decided to go for a walk in the rain. We bundled up, and I made sure P would be snuggly and dry. By the time we reached the store it started pouring and being fully committed at that point we kept on walking, hoping the blue skies in the distance would soon give some relief. I was fully soaked, and Penelope slept dry and warm in the covered stroller. The sound of the rain must have put her to sleep. 

When the rain finally let up, I picked her up out of the stroller to show her the vibrant coloured leaves that painted the road. She watched the sun dance through the sodden leaves that still clung willfully to their tree branches. I talked to Penelope about rain storms, and fall weather and she listened closely as if she understood every word I spoke. 

I want to remember this day, and those moments because time seems to be going by faster than ever. The blur of weeks that turn into months, that will evidently become years. 


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