Farewell To Penelope's First Summer

Dear Penelope, 
Im currently sitting at the breakfast spot, half tired and half of a headache after putting you to sleep in our bed again. Its Monday morning, and I have set a few deadlines for myself to get the pictures from my external hard drive & iPhone camera roll to a more respectable place. While you nap for at least the next 30 minutes, I am determined to post this little goodbye to your fist summer. 

June: What a beautiful way to start the first summer of your life sweet Penelope. We headed to the cottage as daddy was still away at school for a few more weeks. So most of the time it was just Penelope and Mommy, going on morning walks, and trips to the cottage. You were 5 months old and already experiencing so much good things this world has to offer.

July: Daddy was home! We spent a lot more time on the water this month. It was your first time on the boat with Deda and Mama which you felt right at home on. You napped in the cabin and I took a gazillion pictures because I remember a time when I was not too much older than you were and I was doing the same thing you were doing. Its tradition now. 

August: Your first word was Bella, and Deda took you swimming for the first time. The first time you touched the fresh Georgian Bay water it was a little cold and you cried for maybe a second before realizing everything was OKAY. Now you love the water in all its forms and take every chance you get to take a swim with mommy, daddy or your grandpa. 
Not only do you love Bella, but I think you love all animals. You squeezed Kitty just to show her how much you loved her, and she would let you and love you right back. 

September: Our last boat ride was a beautiful summer day that we went exploring all the islands around our home. Grandma and Grandpa would do anything for you, which including driving the boat to our house just to pick us up for a few hours while daddy was at work. Those hot, days on the water is what made up your first summer. The sounds of the waves lapping against the bow of the boat would rock you to sleep every time. 

Oh and we cant forget to include all the fish you took pictures with, and the salmon we had for dinner that is sure to make you grow strong and smart! We love you Sweet Pea, and I love the memories we have of your first summer of life! What a wonderful life it is, and oh its just going to get better and better baby girl! 


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