The Pumpkin Patch

I love this time of the year the most, and not just because it's my birthday. I love the smell of fresh crisp fall air, pumpkin scents that seem to be in every store, and I love pumpkin patches. This is Penelope's fist October, first fall and first time seeing a pumpkin patch.
We woke up early, got dressed and went for a nice fall walk this morning. It was fun to show P all the leaves turning red, yellow and orange, and even thou she doesn't understand it yet I know she still loves to look at the tree's.   I made it my mission this week to find a pumpkin patch (which wasn't hard, there are like 20 within a short drive of our home) and to take pictures with Penelope. 

I am so excited for fall and all the fun fall things there is to do in our area. Let me know what you have planned for the month of October? 


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