No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed

It started as a normal morning in the Gibson - Vainer household.  Penelope woke up and played with her toys all morning, and drank up all her water which is her favourite. She got to eat breakfast with mommy and daddy which consisted of a buttered bagel, apple sauce and some blueberry cookies. 

An unfortunate event this afternoon led to Penelope moving her crib into our bedroom. Until today she was co-sleeping with us in our bed, and the last few weeks things have started to get harder for us all to get rest like that. I know co-sleeping isn’t for everybody, but it was heaven on earth for us during the last 8 months. There is nothing I love more than feeling her little body between us, where she is snuggled, safe and sound.  Plus it made breast feeding a breeze during those middle of the night feeds! 

Sadly as I was preparing to join P for her afternoon nap in our bed, our little "Speedy Gonzales" watched me as I got up to grab her pacifier in her bedroom across the hall and not thinking I saw out of the corner of my eye P making a leap off the end of our bed.. BAM! On the double carpeted floor that wasn’t soft enough. I screamed for Tony as loud as I could, and he came running in a panic. I thought for sure she was seriously injured! But thank GOD she was fine. She was scared and crying probably due to my reaction to what had happened, but otherwise unscathed. 

My favourite is always our mommy-daughter bubble bath at the end of the day, we load in some lavender scented bubble bath foam from Honest co., a little epsom salt and were ready to unwind. 
P’s favourite books as of lately is called the ABC’s of Canada, and Never Touch a Monster which Penelope loves to touch the monster in the book! 


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