7 Months Old!

Where has the time gone?! I can not believe Penelope is 7 months old today. She has changed my entire world in the most beautiful way.

Sleeping: Her sleeping habits are great, she had gone through a "sleep regression"which means she practically slept like a newborn and was awake every hour of the night for almost two weeks, that was so difficult. That was

Eating: She eats EVERYTHING! Literally we give her whatever we eat and she LOVES it. She is a healthy and content eater. Now is the time to start teaching her healthy eating habits so she can have a good relationship for food.

New Things: Penelope is crawling! It literally just happened all of a sudden, like one day we woke up and she just started crawling. It's pretty cool watching her learn how to do things, and its neat to see how she see's the world around her.

She loves her jolly jumper that sits between the door in the bathroom. We have her play centre she loves to be in.

I really wanted to add another section to these monthly updates, which is to let the reader know how I feel. I wanted to start posting about postpartum a bit more, and being honest about things.
Am I the only one who gets very emotional watching any sad movie that has a baby in it ? Or what really gets me is seeing the news when children go missing? I have never been an emotional person but I guess thats completely changed.


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