Friday Must Haves #01

Friday, 28 September 2018

Leggings - The first thing I saw about these leggings was that they are high waisted! Not only is it flattering for almost everyone, but did you see the price? $11.97 US. Ive had so many leggings and I found these to be thick enough that they aren't see through and don't loosen during the day like other leggings I've had.

Black Sweater - Fall months call for longer sleeves and a black sweater is the perfect staple to any wardrobe. Im the type of person who usually has a lot of colour in their closet but during the fall months I love wearing a lot more blacks, greys and textured materials.

Faux Fur Vest - This is the texture an outfit needs, I always love having lots of coats, and jackets that are easy to through over your leggings and simple tops. I've been defiantly seeing this faux fur vest all over the fashion blogger world.

Its really sad that summer is officially gone, but for Penelope it was her first summer and boy was it a good one. You can catch up on some of our summer vlogs here. Our family has been in our home now for close to one year and with that we have a lot more things than we did when we first moved in. I have been working with a designer to renovate our bathroom, and what I'm truly excited for is our closet renovation which I will share more about on the blog soon. After I have a little more organization in our walk in I will defiantly be doing more shopping for fall and winter months and I'll defiantly be posting more but I hope you enjoy a little snippet of things that I've bought this week and some of the deals I've found online. 

- Stephanie 

Halloween Though The Years

Saturday, 22 September 2018

I remember every year my mom would spend DAYS making my sister and I’s costume for Halloween every year. Now that I’m a mother myself I honestly don’t know how she had found time every day to do that, between two children and going back to school for Nursing. She did such an amazing job every single year, and the neighbourhood where I grew up would host a Halloween Contest, and guess what? We literally won every year for best dressed or most original! 
As Penelope nears her first Halloween ever, I cant help but feel a little nostalgic. I don’t plan on buying her a costume, instead I thought I could recycle a costume my mom made for us. The woman literally kept everything and I love it! 

I asked my mom a couple questions: 

How did you come up with our Halloween Costume’s every year? 
I went through The Parent Magazine. 

What materials did you use? 
Depending on what costumes, but I went to the fabric store for everything

What were your favourite costume’s you’ve ever made for us? 
The dragon was my favourite, and Elmo

Which were the hardest to make? 
The three headed Scuba Diver, and the Astronaut.
It wasn’t hard to make them.
It was fun to make for you guys. 

How did you find the time to make us these amazing costumes every year?

I worked on them at night, after you guys went to sleep. It took a long time but it was always so much fun seeing you guys in them on Halloween and taking you guys out in the costumes.

I was always so proud

Now to my readers, what was your favourite Halloween costume that you've ever worn?

Four Ways to Cut a Toxic Person out of your life.

Monday, 17 September 2018

created by Elza Fouché

 Have you ever known someone you were friends with or a family member who you just knew was toxic, and every feeling and vibe they gave was totally negative? I think its clear to say at one point or another we have all had an interaction with someone toxic. 
 This isn’t a step by step guide on how to not let someone like this into your life, but more of a reason why its okay to let them go. There are so many people who struggle with this because if your not careful they can influence the way you think and behave. They can introduce stress and drag your goals down with them. 

How do you know someone is toxic?
They distract you from your goals: whether that's coming up with reasons why you should stay in a bad relationship, or someone who makes fun of you for wanting better for yourself.  One of the biggest signs that a person in your life is toxic, is that they are selfish and that might mean the relationship or friendship is one sided. They feel the need to be right, and this person lives for the drama! They are always right and are always the victim. If you have someone in mind that does all of these, then they are most likely a toxic person. 

In my experience it took a long time for me to come to terms that the friendship was toxic. I constantly made excuse after excuse for this person. I truly believed that we were friends for so long and our friendship deserved to be fought for. I didn’t realize they were manipulating me, and everyone else around them in to feeling sorry for them (playing the victim).

I see this one everywhere, in so many relationships my friends are in or family members are in! I've seen it a lot in my sisters relationships where she fell for the need to rescue someone, or had a friend who she would always have to save from bad situations which only dragged her down with them. This is wrong, and you should never be on that side of a friendship or relationship. I’ve heard and seen all the excuses, like “Its not them, they had a horrible childhood” or “they don’t realize they are doing it”. Either way its not your job to change a person! Focus on your energy and your goals will follow! 

Its better to cut ties, go “cold turkey” or so to say and don't forget to block and delete!! Thats the beauty with social media and cell phones now a days. It is so easy to use technology to take someone out of our lives and we now have so many options available for us to do this like these app that "block your ex from your digital life". Its okay to go as far as changing your number if you need to! Honestly the sooner you do it the happier you will be.

The best thing about breaking up with a friend, a family member or a romantic partner may be that energy goes where attention is. Meaning that the more selective you are about where your focus and energy is, the more happier you will be when its not being absorbed by toxic individuals. 

I hope on writing more pieces like this "REAL TALK" every month, if you like these blog posts please leave me a comment below what you want to read or know more about!  

Penelopes OOTD - Weekly Style edition

Friday, 14 September 2018

This is a new fun thing to post, and I think I'll share more of in future posts. I always get so many questions about what Im buying Penelope, or where her clothing is from? So I have a mix of 'hand me downs' and recent purchases this week.
It was kind of cold one day which meant I pulled out all her warmer clothes and started thinking what she needed for the upcoming fall months. This sweater was a hand me down from one of her cousins, but the leggings and sweater (from years ago and I couldn't find it online anymore) are both from Old Navy, and the diapers we use are of course from The Honest Company.
I like to dress Penelope in fun, and girl outfits. I choose based on the weather that day, but because the weather can change so much I always have a soft and comfy outfit in her backpack.

These Honest Diapers are my favourite, we use them when we know we are going on a road trip or at night because they hold up really well. I love the different colours that fit everyones unique style, and they pride themselves in carefully choosing the right ingredients. If you are interested in trying click HERE, and you can use the code 'HEYFALL' for 20% off!

September Favourites: Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

This little place on the internet is a place where I am completely honest, and myself
this is where I post my inspiration and things that I love. So I decided I would share 
some Instagram accounts I've been loving lately! These are either inspiring me to go out 
and take some pictures, or to buy home decor! Either way I hope you get a little inspiration
out of this post. Let me know what accounts you guys are loving lately in the comments! 

@dear.indiarose - She is someone I recently started following, and what drew me to her feed was the amazing photography and editing skills. She has a blog called Dear, India Rose  where she posts a lot of photos of her daughter that are just cute and a shop for her presets! her style is so pretty! I just think she's really inspiring and someone to watch this fall. 

@freshexchange - Megan Gilger created a lifestyle blog, and a shop called The Fresh Exchange and I've been following for a long time now. She is always so inspiring when it comes to eating fresh and supporting local. I love the look and feel of her pictures, I feel like I relate to her lifestyle. 

@laurmcbrideblog- May be my favourite blogger/mother/influencer of all!She is literally so inspiring and posts daily stories to instagram! She is so relatable, has amazing style in home decor and fashion, and is literally the cutest mother ever! I just love how hard she works on her blog, and the fact that she posts regularly keeps me pretty entertained!

@jillianharris -  Who doesn't love Jillian Harris! She brings a Canadian flair to her interior designs on 
'Love it or List it Vancouver', she is also a mama blogger and has an adorable family you can watch on her Instastories daily. I am always so inspired whenever I see her new instagram post, and I know you guys will too. 

@amyepeters-  Another Canadian mama who I love seeing pop up in my feed. She shares photos
of her beautiful family who lives in Nova Scotia (which I love because its on my list of places to visit). I love the bright and airy look of her photos, and it transfers so well into her design sense. 

Penelope's Six Month Update

Monday, 10 September 2018

Where oh where has the time gone? six months flew by like nothing! Tony and I were having a conversation the other day about how fast time seems to be going lately, I'm not sure if it's because we had a baby or if were just getting older and thats what happens? But either way these past six months have flown by! 

This is my favourite baby stage so far. I live for waking Penelope up in the morning and seeing her smile so big, or reading her a book that she's picked out to read, and taking her for walks in her stroller while she watches the birds and leaves above her. 
I have worked with children for almost five years now, I am an ECE (Early Childhood Educator), and I love implementing things I have learned into our daily routine. I think going to school for education has taught me how to teach her at each of her stages, because developmentally each stage of life is so different from the last. 

The six month update video we filmed, I spoke mostly about the toys and things we have been using lately and I wanted to share some of those links as well as other ones we have been loving. 

I wanted to share MORE on the blog, about her schedule, sleeping and that kind of stuff. 

- Penelope can now fully sit up.
- Says Mum, Bella and Dada. 
- Eats SOOO much! She will eat whatever we're eating.
- Teething, I can feel teeth but nothing has popped through. 
- Not only can she rock back and forth on her hands and feet, but she can army crawl across the floor!
- She rolls around constantly, and is very fast! we have to constantly watch out so she doesn't roll off anything. 
- She loves singing along to songs in the car. 
- She only wakes up once to feed (around 2 am)
- She waves. 
- Finally she bounces like a pro.
- She stands with a little assistance (her balance is still not there yet, but her legs are super strong).

We went through a six month sleep regression recently and it was so hard! LONG nights and long days, and we had no idea what was happening at the time which made it even harder and scarier. Her sleep has sense returned back to her normal waking up once a night at 2 am for a feed, and then she's back to bed until 7:30-8 am.

Wake up anywhere from 6:30 - 7:30 am
Change and read a book 7:45 am
Free time while mama gets ready for the day 8:00 am
Breakfast (usually 1 scrambled egg, a cookie, ands some little snacks she can use her hands to pick up which helps her develop her motor skills) 9:00 am
Bottle #1 and nap 9:30 am - 10/10:30 am
Wakes up and we play, learn to crawl 11 am
Walk with mom 12 pm
Lunch 12:30 pm
Bottle #2 -  1 pm
Nap - 2 pm - 3 pm
Walk or work out 4 pm
Bottle #3 - 4:30 pm
start dinner, go in bouncer - 5 pm
Bath Time - 5:30 pm
Daddy gets home, we eat - 6:00 pm
Hang out with daddy - 6:30pm
Bed Time - 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Penelope eats EVERYTHING we give her, she isn't too picky. The only thing I've seen her not like is blueberry yogurt, and her Oatmeal! lol but other than that she eats whatever we're eating.

Weight & Size:
She is so heavy to hold now, its getting hard to carry her for long. She weighs 20 lbs! She fits into 6-9 month clothing, depending on the brand she can fit into some 3-6 month clothing still.

Thanks for reading! Im going to be posting every month, until she's a year old.

A Sunday

Sunday, 9 September 2018

There's this magical moment that happens right when Penelope wakes up from her nap. It doesn't matter if its a long nap or a cat nap, the moment she see's you when you go in to pick her up is the best moment in the world. She looks up at you, smiles a big smile and moves her arms and legs so fast it looks like she's trying to swim. 
On Saturday I woke up early as usual, let Penelope watch some Paw Patrol and I did some cleaning before Tony woke up. I even got to go into town ALONE, yes alone!! Tony watched Penelope and made sure to send me videos to update me on the three hours I was gone for. It was great.
So far today has been even better. I call it better because it was the first time Penelope made an attempt to crawl. Being the mama I am, I immediately ran to the bedroom and grabbed the camera to snap as many pictures as I could because I knew I would always want to remember this moment!   
I wish I could bottle up all the moments, put them in a jar so I would never feel like I'm going to miss them one day. Maybe the only solution to this is to have most babies? ha. Not anytime soon, but we will have another baby again one day. Its just such a special feeling being a mama.

It is still Sunday and I'm finishing this blog post from the couch, since we did just get our new satellite hooked up (I was getting sick of Netflix tbh).

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! 

The SIX month SLEEP Regression

Friday, 7 September 2018

 You would never know it from this picture, or the look on Penelope's face which is pure innocence, which she is of course. Before I get into my story tonight I just wanted to say that my goal for this blog has always been to be completely transparent, and honest especially when it comes to parenting. I remember reading mom blogs before we even knew we were going to have P, and I loved them. I loved the raw honesty, I loved to peak into the lives of these families and that became my inspiration.

However real life is that lately being a parent has gotten a bit harder for us, just because Penelope is going through something called a sleep regression. It is completely and developmentally normal for her at this age, but it catches most parents off guard. It turns their sweet, sleeping angels into a completely different baby.
We were no exception, and I had no idea our easy-going, sleep loving child would become a party all night, cant stop rolling, crazy baby!

 So here we are.. on day five without a solid night of sleep, and I'm starting to think coffee doesn't work anymore. Oh and to top it off, I already don't feel like my mothering skills are working because I just cant seem to figure out what P's deal is lately. Tonight was hard, I was exhausted and I totally let my daughter watch Minnie Mouse off my iPad just so I can get a few minutes to finish cooking dinner. She hasn't stopped whining lately, and constantly wants to be held. So I took these pictures to remember that while she holds her own bottle now (which Im proud of her for ), that this is MOTHERHOOD in all its glory! 

That interest in the iPad didn't last long however, so bath time it was and thenTony got home and he actually finished cooking dinner... just if you were wondering how tonight went.*

Life Lately // Labour Day Long Weekend

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

 Happy Tuesday! Now that we're back to our normal routines, I finally had time to sit down and write a little blog post. This weekend we went to the cottage with my parents. Tony and my dad spend 90% of the time out fishing, and my mom, me and baby just hung out at the cottage and had some girl time. 

Tony and my dad have been on a roll lately with catching giant salmon in Georgian Bay, and we've bene lucky enough to have fresh fish for dinner every evening! 

Saturday morning we jumped on the ferry, left the guys at the cottage to do "guy" stuff and baby and me took grandma to her MRI appointment. Apparently her doctor felt the need to book her this appointment, but I hope its nothing serious. While we had some time to ourselves we all made a few stops to check out some stores and do a little shopping. 

 These three pictures (the two of Penelope with the giant salmon, and the one of my little family) are EVERYTHING! 
Tony and I were talking the other night about life and just our thoughts on things in our life, and we both said that this is the happiest we have ever been. We are right in the midst of it all! This is truly what life is about.. cottage weekends with your loved ones! 

I forgot to add this to my last post, but I have been slowly making our house a home! As you know I love online shopping because its just so easy to do. I wanted to share this website HERE with you if your looking for any home decor or furniture!