Penelopes OOTD - Weekly Style edition

This is a new fun thing to post, and I think I'll share more of in future posts. I always get so many questions about what Im buying Penelope, or where her clothing is from? So I have a mix of 'hand me downs' and recent purchases this week.
It was kind of cold one day which meant I pulled out all her warmer clothes and started thinking what she needed for the upcoming fall months. This sweater was a hand me down from one of her cousins, but the leggings and sweater (from years ago and I couldn't find it online anymore) are both from Old Navy, and the diapers we use are of course from The Honest Company.
I like to dress Penelope in fun, and girl outfits. I choose based on the weather that day, but because the weather can change so much I always have a soft and comfy outfit in her backpack.

These Honest Diapers are my favourite, we use them when we know we are going on a road trip or at night because they hold up really well. I love the different colours that fit everyones unique style, and they pride themselves in carefully choosing the right ingredients. If you are interested in trying click HERE, and you can use the code 'HEYFALL' for 20% off!


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