The SIX month SLEEP Regression

 You would never know it from this picture, or the look on Penelope's face which is pure innocence, which she is of course. Before I get into my story tonight I just wanted to say that my goal for this blog has always been to be completely transparent, and honest especially when it comes to parenting. I remember reading mom blogs before we even knew we were going to have P, and I loved them. I loved the raw honesty, I loved to peak into the lives of these families and that became my inspiration.

However real life is that lately being a parent has gotten a bit harder for us, just because Penelope is going through something called a sleep regression. It is completely and developmentally normal for her at this age, but it catches most parents off guard. It turns their sweet, sleeping angels into a completely different baby.
We were no exception, and I had no idea our easy-going, sleep loving child would become a party all night, cant stop rolling, crazy baby!

 So here we are.. on day five without a solid night of sleep, and I'm starting to think coffee doesn't work anymore. Oh and to top it off, I already don't feel like my mothering skills are working because I just cant seem to figure out what P's deal is lately. Tonight was hard, I was exhausted and I totally let my daughter watch Minnie Mouse off my iPad just so I can get a few minutes to finish cooking dinner. She hasn't stopped whining lately, and constantly wants to be held. So I took these pictures to remember that while she holds her own bottle now (which Im proud of her for ), that this is MOTHERHOOD in all its glory! 

That interest in the iPad didn't last long however, so bath time it was and thenTony got home and he actually finished cooking dinner... just if you were wondering how tonight went.*


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