Friday Must Haves #01

Leggings - The first thing I saw about these leggings was that they are high waisted! Not only is it flattering for almost everyone, but did you see the price? $11.97 US. Ive had so many leggings and I found these to be thick enough that they aren't see through and don't loosen during the day like other leggings I've had.

Black Sweater - Fall months call for longer sleeves and a black sweater is the perfect staple to any wardrobe. Im the type of person who usually has a lot of colour in their closet but during the fall months I love wearing a lot more blacks, greys and textured materials.

Faux Fur Vest - This is the texture an outfit needs, I always love having lots of coats, and jackets that are easy to through over your leggings and simple tops. I've been defiantly seeing this faux fur vest all over the fashion blogger world.

Its really sad that summer is officially gone, but for Penelope it was her first summer and boy was it a good one. You can catch up on some of our summer vlogs here. Our family has been in our home now for close to one year and with that we have a lot more things than we did when we first moved in. I have been working with a designer to renovate our bathroom, and what I'm truly excited for is our closet renovation which I will share more about on the blog soon. After I have a little more organization in our walk in I will defiantly be doing more shopping for fall and winter months and I'll defiantly be posting more but I hope you enjoy a little snippet of things that I've bought this week and some of the deals I've found online. 

- Stephanie 


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