Life Lately // Labour Day Long Weekend

 Happy Tuesday! Now that we're back to our normal routines, I finally had time to sit down and write a little blog post. This weekend we went to the cottage with my parents. Tony and my dad spend 90% of the time out fishing, and my mom, me and baby just hung out at the cottage and had some girl time. 

Tony and my dad have been on a roll lately with catching giant salmon in Georgian Bay, and we've bene lucky enough to have fresh fish for dinner every evening! 

Saturday morning we jumped on the ferry, left the guys at the cottage to do "guy" stuff and baby and me took grandma to her MRI appointment. Apparently her doctor felt the need to book her this appointment, but I hope its nothing serious. While we had some time to ourselves we all made a few stops to check out some stores and do a little shopping. 

 These three pictures (the two of Penelope with the giant salmon, and the one of my little family) are EVERYTHING! 
Tony and I were talking the other night about life and just our thoughts on things in our life, and we both said that this is the happiest we have ever been. We are right in the midst of it all! This is truly what life is about.. cottage weekends with your loved ones! 

I forgot to add this to my last post, but I have been slowly making our house a home! As you know I love online shopping because its just so easy to do. I wanted to share this website HERE with you if your looking for any home decor or furniture!


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