Halloween Though The Years

I remember every year my mom would spend DAYS making my sister and I’s costume for Halloween every year. Now that I’m a mother myself I honestly don’t know how she had found time every day to do that, between two children and going back to school for Nursing. She did such an amazing job every single year, and the neighbourhood where I grew up would host a Halloween Contest, and guess what? We literally won every year for best dressed or most original! 
As Penelope nears her first Halloween ever, I cant help but feel a little nostalgic. I don’t plan on buying her a costume, instead I thought I could recycle a costume my mom made for us. The woman literally kept everything and I love it! 

I asked my mom a couple questions: 

How did you come up with our Halloween Costume’s every year? 
I went through The Parent Magazine. 

What materials did you use? 
Depending on what costumes, but I went to the fabric store for everything

What were your favourite costume’s you’ve ever made for us? 
The dragon was my favourite, and Elmo

Which were the hardest to make? 
The three headed Scuba Diver, and the Astronaut.
It wasn’t hard to make them.
It was fun to make for you guys. 

How did you find the time to make us these amazing costumes every year?

I worked on them at night, after you guys went to sleep. It took a long time but it was always so much fun seeing you guys in them on Halloween and taking you guys out in the costumes.

I was always so proud

Now to my readers, what was your favourite Halloween costume that you've ever worn?


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