September Favourites: Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow!

This little place on the internet is a place where I am completely honest, and myself
this is where I post my inspiration and things that I love. So I decided I would share 
some Instagram accounts I've been loving lately! These are either inspiring me to go out 
and take some pictures, or to buy home decor! Either way I hope you get a little inspiration
out of this post. Let me know what accounts you guys are loving lately in the comments! 

@dear.indiarose - She is someone I recently started following, and what drew me to her feed was the amazing photography and editing skills. She has a blog called Dear, India Rose  where she posts a lot of photos of her daughter that are just cute and a shop for her presets! her style is so pretty! I just think she's really inspiring and someone to watch this fall. 

@freshexchange - Megan Gilger created a lifestyle blog, and a shop called The Fresh Exchange and I've been following for a long time now. She is always so inspiring when it comes to eating fresh and supporting local. I love the look and feel of her pictures, I feel like I relate to her lifestyle. 

@laurmcbrideblog- May be my favourite blogger/mother/influencer of all!She is literally so inspiring and posts daily stories to instagram! She is so relatable, has amazing style in home decor and fashion, and is literally the cutest mother ever! I just love how hard she works on her blog, and the fact that she posts regularly keeps me pretty entertained!

@jillianharris -  Who doesn't love Jillian Harris! She brings a Canadian flair to her interior designs on 
'Love it or List it Vancouver', she is also a mama blogger and has an adorable family you can watch on her Instastories daily. I am always so inspired whenever I see her new instagram post, and I know you guys will too. 

@amyepeters-  Another Canadian mama who I love seeing pop up in my feed. She shares photos
of her beautiful family who lives in Nova Scotia (which I love because its on my list of places to visit). I love the bright and airy look of her photos, and it transfers so well into her design sense. 


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