A Sunday

There's this magical moment that happens right when Penelope wakes up from her nap. It doesn't matter if its a long nap or a cat nap, the moment she see's you when you go in to pick her up is the best moment in the world. She looks up at you, smiles a big smile and moves her arms and legs so fast it looks like she's trying to swim. 
On Saturday I woke up early as usual, let Penelope watch some Paw Patrol and I did some cleaning before Tony woke up. I even got to go into town ALONE, yes alone!! Tony watched Penelope and made sure to send me videos to update me on the three hours I was gone for. It was great.
So far today has been even better. I call it better because it was the first time Penelope made an attempt to crawl. Being the mama I am, I immediately ran to the bedroom and grabbed the camera to snap as many pictures as I could because I knew I would always want to remember this moment!   
I wish I could bottle up all the moments, put them in a jar so I would never feel like I'm going to miss them one day. Maybe the only solution to this is to have most babies? ha. Not anytime soon, but we will have another baby again one day. Its just such a special feeling being a mama.

It is still Sunday and I'm finishing this blog post from the couch, since we did just get our new satellite hooked up (I was getting sick of Netflix tbh).

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! 


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