Pregnancy Essentials (Part 1) Protein & Prenatal's

It has been officially 33 weeks that I have been pregnant for, and it has been full of ups and many, many downs. I’ve struggled with keeping not only my sanity in check but my health as well. At 20 weeks I was in the hospital and had been diagnosed with gallstones, that would continue to give me “attacks" right up until the end of this pregnancy or worst case scenario I would be forced to have a surgery and have baby P really early (which is of course every new moms nightmare). My main concern is the health of baby, and without taking care of myself first how would I be able to take care of her? which only makes the most sense.   

I will be doing a full blog post on what having gallstones while pregnant means, the causes and what you changes you can make in your lifestyle before becoming pregnant to avoid gallstones.

There are a few things I have been doing religiously since I became pregnant, and the first thing even before I got pregnant.. while we were still in the planning stages, I started taking prenatal vitamins. The prenatal vitamins I have been taking are made by Jamieson with DHA, the Centrum prenatal’s, magnesium and Omega 3’s. I found that taking these made my hair thicker and my nails stronger, and that was just the benefits I saw with in the first few weeks for myself. Not only is there enormous benefits for you and your energy levels but also the following benefits for baby as well. 

The benefits of prenatal vitamins
  • Cuts back on nausea, because the Vitamin B6 helps to reduce morning sickness. 
  • Boosts fertility and also upping the chances that you’ll make that healthy baby faster. 
  • Reduces the rick of birth defects, because of the folic acid it contains but it is also known as folate when it’s in food form which you can get from eating things like spinach. Studies show that getting enough folic acid before sperm meets egg and in the early stages of pregnancy can dramatically reduce the risk of neural tube defects in your developing baby.  (For more info
Magnesium: Magnesium helped me when I had restless legs and leg cramps that sometimes happen during pregnancy. I didn't take these everyday, instead I took them when I felt I needed them before bed.

Omega 3's: Not only is Omega 3 good for the babies cognitive developments, but studies have shown that a higher consumption of Omega 3's and DHA's during pregnancy may help in reducing the risk of developing allergies in infants. 

Protein: We know that protein is made up of amino acids and those are the building blocks of your body’s cells and the same goes for your baby. It is so important (especially during the second and third trimesters) to get enough protein because thats when the baby needs it the most and the growth of muscles and fats happen at an increased rate. 

My absolute favourite protein powder is from Progressive, its called VegEssential All in One, which I love because it is a plant-based, Non-GMO Vegan protein powder that is full of vitamins, and minerals that is essential to daily health and great for mom and baby. 

Peppermint tea: I can't tell you how much I LOVE having a hot cup of black peppermint or spearmint tea in the evenings, not only is it super calming but it helps ease your stomach if its upset and will help you get to sleep quicker. 

Of course I am not a doctor and you should ask your’s before taking any of the vitamins or supplements mentioned. 


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