Sephora Haul

I have always been a makeup and skincare junkie, just look under my sink! Its in need of a serious Marie Kondo intervention down there.  I feel bad because Tony can never find anything under there and the truth is I have no idea what I have and don't have anymore. But that hasn't stopped me from trying out a few more products from Sephora.

I have normal to combination skin, and never had any real issues until lately when I looked in the mirror one day to find several pimples starting in my chin. This is most likely due to the fact that I have been wearing makeup more than ever because I've been on camera a lot more. We also were travelling for several weeks over Christmas and usually that affects my skin in negative ways, probably due to the change of climate and inconsistency with our diets.

My suggestions to anyone who wants clear skin is to hydrate, eat healthy and to deep cleanse your face consistently. I have herd so much good things about this face mask from Fresh, and how well it deep cleans. I couldn't wait to try this mask out when I got home, and the first thing I did was take off all my makeup (which I always do before I use any mask), and then I put the mask on using a brush which I highly recommend with this. Its expensive and when you use a brush you can use a lot less than you would if you used your fingers. I let it sit until it was dry, which was about 4 - 5 minutes and than I washed it off. The reviews weren't lying! It left my skin so clean I could see my pores again.

I am so over winter at this point. Lately its been -20 degrees celsius, and honestly I just miss going for daily walks and getting out of the house. I keep looking in my closet and all I see are dark clothes, and I felt like I needed to brighten up my look some how, than I went to Sephora and saw this girl wearing the brightest orange lip and I was sold. I knew I would love this orange-red lipstick by YSL, the only thing I would highly recommend is that you seriously need to use a lip pencil (I grabbed the matching YSL lipliner). I found that the creamy colour tends to bleed if you don't line it, and another tip for extra insurance on making sure your lip colour stays put: Draw a line around your lips with concealer and it will also clean up any mistakes you may have made while keeping it still.


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