Motherhood Right Now + The 3 things I have learnt from seasonal change

Its Thursday morning and after an hour of protesting a nap, Penelope has finally given in and fell asleep on the couch. 
Its quiet. 
The cold air drifts in every time I open the door to let Bella out, sometimes I stand there for an extra second or two hoping to hear the sound of spring birds before I quickly push the door shut. I want more than anything to hear the song birds tell me that spring is coming and this  brumal winter will soon end. 
This fair weather has been a damper of energy, it’s ever holding grasp seems to never let up and the birth of a new season inching closer and closer.
If I watch closely I can see the song birds hiding in the snow covered trees, the dirt from the old roads forcing its way out from below the icy layers and I know that spring is nearing. 

It seems fitting that we are pertinent to each season, and the long winters consume us in desolation. I feel its even more this year with Tony still away at school, and not being able to see him for weeks at a time. Its always hard being away from your partner, but especially when you're learning how to parent alone. 

I found we are dependant on routines, and as much as it is easier when we pursue a strict schedule life is not as straightforward as one would hope. Its nightly MRI appointments and last minute grocery runs that throw a hinge on the agenda. 

I have never felt good with these impromptu activities, but things are changing. I feel myself growing and as the seasons are changing so am I. As winter births spring, and the seeds start sprouting there are many things I can learn from this transformation.
  1. Patience: Just as spring patiently waits its turn, I have learnt to patiently wait for my daughter to learn in her own way. As much as I want her to understand right away, things take time. 
  2. Persistance: Spring never gives up and even with another snow fall there will be buds starting new on tree branches. Being a parent is being persistent with learning and teaching. Not giving up and as many times as you feel defeated, you get right back up and try again. 
  3. Nurture: When most people think about spring they think about baby animals. Just as mothers of all species do, we care for our young. That to me means along with feeding, education comes care and love. 


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