The Power of Gratitude & 20 Things to be Thankful for

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It feels like winter here in Ontario, Canada has already been here for way too long, and I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I would prefer the snow to melt, and spring to be here the day after Christmas. I am missing those longer days, sunny walks on dewy grass and being warm enough that I don’t have to wear a gazillion layers. 
Maybe it's part hormones, or part Seasonal Depression a.k.a “the winter blues”; but I have been feeling a bit morose lately. I have found writing a gratitude journal helps, because gratitude strengthens our emotions, reduces the feelings of envy and makes our memories happier, that lets us experience the good feelings and helps us bounce back from stress. 
As part of a gratitude practice, I will share writing prompts for gratitude for every month or week (depending on what I think is necessary), and since this will be my first post I am beginning with the 20 things in my life that I am extremely thankful for. 

                            20 Things To Be Thankful For : 

  1. A warm, and sunny spring day. When you can feel the sun rays warm your cheeks, and you close your eyes and breathe in a deep breath of fresh air. 
  2. Road trips with Tony, whether its travelling the States, or driving across Canada. I love doing anything with him.
  3. Staying in bed a little later with Tony on Sunday’s 
  4. The cottage on a hot summer morning with my parents
  5. Morning jogs alone, just to meditate and enjoy mornings. 
  6. When Baby P kicks and moves. Nothing makes me more happier than feeling her move after I eat or before bed when her Daddy tells her he loves her. 
  7. Being able to give life, and have a baby with the love of my life.  
  8. When T tells Baby P how much he loves her as soon as he wakes up and before he goes to bed. Nothing makes me more happy in this world. 
  9. A clean, bright and beautiful home that’s ours and that are blessed enough to own the home of our dreams. 
  10. Having a good tan, getting my nails done, and freshly washed hair. 
  11. A good book (Im reading Big Magic). 
  12. Going to the gym and being able to workout while pregnant. 
  13. Going to Yoga. 
  14. Eating healthy, and having access to fresh food. 
  15. Having a morning coffee on a cold winters day. 
  16. Listening to the birds and bugs on a summer or spring day, with the windows of our home open.
  17. Bella & Kitty and how much they love us. 
  18. Going exploring with my sister (hiking, swimming in caves in Mexico). 
  19. Not being hungover, and sober (obviously since I am pregnant, but it is such a good feeling to not drink alcohol and being a homebody).
  20. Being inspired by amazing mothers who are also business owners, writers, and creatives.  

I would love to hear what you are thankful for, you can share it in the comments, or on one of my social media. Starting a gratitude journal is just another tool to. support mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. 


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