May is for Makeup

Im not sure if I mentioned this before but I am a Professional Makeup Artist, I've worked with TV personalities, done magazine shoots and I have worked with so many brides which is one of my favourite makeup looks to be a part of. 
So I know a little something about makeup. 
However, as a new mom my makeup arsenal has completely changed. I usually don't wear anything on a daily basis. If I want to look a little more put together, ill put on some concealer, use a brow pencil and maybe some mascara but I'm digging the natural lash look lately. 

When I have a special night, or say a baby show to go to (because thats more realistic for me right now) I will put on a little more makeup. 
The makeup that really works for me lately is the Naked 2 palette for my eyeshadows, because the colours go with everything and all the shadows are high quality where I don't necessarily need primer. 

When I want to look really good, I always go for a high quality contour kit! This one by Anastasia is amazing, it comes in several different colours to fit your skin tone plus it includes a highlighter which is fantastic (because its not too bright and not to subtle). I just love using the contour palette, with a little blush and I'm ready to take some bomb pictures. 

Both of these can be purchased at Sephora for under $60, and they both last really long. So if your a new mama and want to treat yourself to a little makeup, I would suggest going for these and just play around with what looks good on you. 


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