Penelope's First Time Seeing the Ocean

We are on vacation in Florida! We arrived early Sunday morning after what seemed like the never ending road trip. The Friday before we left my parents closed up their house for the next 6 months and came to spend the night at our place. I don't think any of us got a wink of sleep because we were all so excited to leave early the next morning. Regretting not sleeping more, we packed up mamas new jeep and we were on our way!

You can watch our Road Trip Vlog HERE.

Sunday was a bust. We arrived in Florida around 6 am, tired and wired from the 100 coffee's we drank trying to keep awake all night.

 Penelope woke us up early Monday morning, tapping us on our heads while saying "mmmoooommm" until one of us woke up. It was a beautiful Monday morning here in St. Augustine Fl, the temperature was a high of 21 degrees which is the perfect winter day in my opinion.

This was the day I dreamt about since Penelope was born 10 months ago. I remember looking at my photo albums when I was a baby and there was a picture of my mom and baby me at the same beach over 26 years ago!

 Penelope loves the beach and being near the water.  It was such a beautiful thing to witness bringing her to the beach and being able to give her these wonderful experiences. I am posting a lot of vlogs of this trip and you can follow along HERE.


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