2019 Resolutions


Every single year I make a list of things I want to accomplish in the coming year, at first I am really set out to achieving them but somewhere along those months I slowly lose track of what my goals even were. As you know this past year (2018) changed my entire life! I had my daughter Penelope, and all of a sudden my world was never to be the same and that was only the beginning of the amazing things that have happened. As I became a mother, I slowly learnt along the way what it truly means to love yourself.  My daughter being born has made me into a better human and most importantly she has made me understand what it means to love.

That being said, I have now worked towards and accomplished many goals this year. I learned how to be patient and how to stay disciplined. That is why I have created a new list for myself and strategies on how to accomplish my goals.

1. To be HEALTHY: I want to be around for a very, very long time so I can spend every second with my family and enjoy everything life has to offer. My plan for being healthy this year is to have proper nutrition and track what I eat using apps like THIS one. I also want to make sure I am excreting regularly and following a schedule, since children and adults do better following a plan I am going to make sure our days are scheduled from now on.

2.  To TEACH Penelope everything I can and to give her a good start to life. There are so many tips and tricks I have picked up along my teaching career that I cant wait to implement into my daughters daily life. I have set up her library at home and reading nook, there is also a toy section where I will change out educational toys regularly. I want to make sure we are reading to Penelope every night and morning, and that she will get to use educational apps on the iPad like THIS one.

3. To spend more time with FAMILY, if thats even possible. I want to do more things with my baby and husband that includes going out for family outings, dinners or even just making dinners at home together.

4. To TRAVEL more this New Years, since Penelope is now old enough to understand a little more and we feel more secure as parents to bring our baby more places. We want to make sure once a year at least, were travelling either to the States or outside of North America.

5. To post regularly to my YOUTUBE channel, which you can check out HERE. I am posting 2-3 videos a week which mean I'll be posting at least one vlog and one sit down video! I am so excited to start growing this new channel for you all!

6. To LEARN more about everything I can. I never want to stop learning, and I have always loved gaining knowledge from books, school or even podcasts. I will post my reviews for the books I'm reading and the podcasts I'm currently binging.

7. To focus on being intentional with SOCIAL MEDIA, and spend less time lost in the space of instagram or twitter. I also want to connect more with others and network more, while of course posting to stories a lot more frequently.


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