5 ways to be Healthy, Happy and Stress Free in your Third Trimester

I know, your at a point where you are exhausted and you really want to not be pregnant. Im sure by now it feels like you’ve been pregnant for what seems like EVER! I don’t blame you, I am currently 38 weeks and 2 days which surprised me. I thought I was only just starting on my 37th week. I felt a whole lotta anxiety after my appointment with my midwife today, knowing that its literally a week and a half until our daughter is born! 

The anxiety, and stress you get while your pregnant not only has a negative affect on you but on your baby as well. It can cause premature births, low-birthweight (anything under 5 1/2 lbs is considered low), and other health problem like heart disease and high blood pressure. So it is in everyones best interest to find a way to manage your stress. There are certain things that I have found that works best for myself (someone who is diagnosed with anxiety and depression). 

  1.  Go workout or get a sweat on!                                                                                                    I know in your third trimester your back is sore, your legs are swollen and you may have no energy to leave your bed let alone do a workout. I have found that getting in at least a 30 minute walk, doing yoga or if your able to do a light training circuit similar to the one i've mentioned here, will make you feel so much less stressed and will pump your body and brain with the “good feeling” chemicals. 
  2. Have some ‘ME’ time!                                                                                                           Which in my world, that means reading, writing or pampering yourself with a nice bath, doing your hair and painting your nails! It is a simple way to DIY at home relaxing spa. I usually add lavender scented bubble bath, epsom salt and light some candles while I pick a relaxing playlist on Spotify or listen to a mommy podcast. 
  3. Eat right!                                                                                                                                       I cant tell you that I have been eating the way I thought I would have this whole pregnancy. I can tell you that I defiantly had a Big Mac from McDonalds this afternoon, but I can also tell you that it made me feel icky. I never feel good after indulging in some bad food, and we all know its bad. I love how I feel when I have my protein shake in the morning, with a homemade meal made with all the protein, complex carbs and good fats that us pregnant ladies need. 
  4. Spend some time with the people you love.                                                                            For me thats my partner, its my most valued time of my whole day. After he’s home from work, we hang out just relax and make dinner. Nothing makes me more happy (until baby girl arrives). Its also my time to vent about all the stuff I’m thinking of lately, worrying about or just excited for.  
  5. Finally, my favourite and most challenging tip. REST!                                                I have been a struggle bus with this lately. It has been so hard for me to get comfortable at night, because I am nearing the end of this pregnancy I have been experiencing early labour symptoms and man they are no joke! My midwives are awesome thou, If Im not getting enough sleep they will help with some pain management so that when the real labour happens I won’t be so exhausted. Nobody likes to be a miserable and sleep deprived pregnant women.
The last bit of my pregnancy has defiantly been the most comfortable, and stress free I've felt during the whole time I've been pregnant. I had gone through so many ups and downs, and during my first trimester I was so stressed out I was starting to get depressed. It wasn't the best time but you learn to work with it. 


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