Baby Milestones: Weeks 1 - 2

I know when I was pregnant I loved weekly updates, but I never got the chance to do them every week like I had hoped. So now that she is here, I am making sure I keep a journal of her development and milestones. 

Week 1 
Baby Development: 
This week she (day 6) she was already over her birth weight which was 6lbs 13oz, and weighed 7lbs 5oz.  Her umbilical cord is still attached, but a big piece did fall off and we were able to take the clip off.

1 week old baby milestones 
Baby has had several “outings” to get her Jaundice levels checked at the hospital already. We have settled in at home, and are working on a routine. 

1 week old baby food
Baby girl is breast feeding, and drinking formula as well. Since she was in the NICU for 3 days with Jaundice and breathing issues there were sometimes I was unable to breast feed her, and the nurses gave her formula. I wasn’t producing enough milk when we did bring her home, I felt so horrible and her dad had to run out and get her the Enfamil formula. This formula was the exact one she was getting while in the NICU and it also provides the newborn with DHA, but more importantly it contains extra vitamin D which is used to cure jaundice in children. 
In two days her Jaundice levels dropped from 270 to 170 which is a substantial drop and had to be rechecked because they thought there was a mistake. There was no mistake Penelope just needed you be at home with her family, I did a lot of skin to skin, she had natural light and a mix of breast and formula feedings. (I will go into more detail about our experience with Jaundice and breathing issues later). 

Feeding and Sleep
Penelope has had several nights of cluster feeding and sleepless nights, which were very long. I was so tired during the day, which is of course when she slept and we had appointments so I couldn’t join her in taking naps. 

Week 2 
2 Week old baby development
She has had a growth spirt this week, I noticed her clothes aren’t fitting her like they did the week before. So I’ve been trying to use all of her newborn clothes now and take as many pictures as possible and videos because she is growing so fast it feels like. 

2 week old baby milestones 
Early this week her little umbilical cord fell of. My mom saved it, just like she saved mine and my sisters. This means no more sponge baths and she can now have a real bath with mommy and daddy. 
(Insert picture) 
She can now see anywhere from 8 - 12 inches away from her face. There is also a lot of dreaming happening, and I wonder what she dreams about? We watch her sometimes, she smiles, frowns and looks like she’s going to cry when she’s dreaming. 

Feeding and Sleeping 
Feeding is happening around the clock lately. A few times this week she did sleep almost 3 hours between feedings which was amazing for me. 
This week we can start putting her on her tummy, in just two or three short sessions. 


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