My favourite Tuesday ever.

This is the look that melts my heart, and the sweet face that we would do anything in this world for. 

Finally bought myself these new boots. Its perfect for where we live (the middle of no where), and they are apart of my new mom uniform.

 I love how much my mom loves my daughter. I had the best childhood and the worlds most amazing parents, and it means so much to me to give them a granddaughter to love the way they loved me and my sister. 

 The majority of today where she slept... as she normally does. I'm experimenting with what works the best to get her sleeping more during the night. I will share it all soon! 

This is our new "Office", the comfy couch where I am writing this from, feed from, read from and eat from. This is perfectly situated between the kitchen and the bathroom, and far enough from the bedrooms so that we can let other's sleep until we really need them. 

Its Tuesday, the day Penelope received her first bit of mail. The day her long form birth certificate arrived and her SIN number…a Canadian Welcome package of sorts. The Tuesday, where my sweet child was actually awake for more than a quarter of the day, and I’m hoping this is also the night that our Penny will actually sleep more than an hour through-out the night. Those round the clock feedings are governed by the amount of time it takes her to feed, digest and become thirsty again for more boob juice. Even though most newborn babies are awake all night and sleep all day, it is not good for babies to sleep for long periods of time because your baby needs to feed often to grow and develop. So as a new mommy, concealer and large double double's from Tim Horton’s are my new best friends. 
On this particular Tuesday, Penelope has smiled more than she has ever before, she has been grunting more which tells me she is working on those bowl movements. Helping baby by gently rubbing her tummy, or doing bicycle movements with her legs helps get that poo on the move.
This Tuesday evening was our first time at “Caring for you Newborn”, a local Early Years program to help support new mommy’s and their newborn babies. It was great talking to other mom’s and of course hearing from the nurse and other women how beautiful Penelope is, and also how impressed they were with her latching “skills” at such an early age! Guess she is just like her father and me, were a family of foodies! 
This is probably the last Tuesday, my parents will be staying with us for a while. They are leaving a week before our flight leaves to the Dominican Republic. Both my parents have been nothing short of amazing, and have given me the support I so desperately needed especially since Tony is back to work this week. My mom (who I can not thank enough), is my saviour in so many ways. She wakes up with me at 3 am, when she’s super tired and will tell me to go to sleep while she makes P a bottle and rocks her to bed. Those extra 3-4 or sometimes 5 hours are WONDERFUL!  Sleep deprivation is very real, and without that support to get at least to REM sleep your ability to think and cope with life drops dramatically and as I’ve recently learnt so does your milk supply. 

Well Tuesday March 6th, you’ve been a good one. Penelope, your officially two weeks and two days old.. its also time for your nightly bath. I am proud of our sweet little Pea’s eating, latching and pooping skills. My favourite thing hands down, has been our time together when I'm nursing, nothing makes my heart more happy when I am rubbing her head and kissing her hands. I love you my sweet Pea. 


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