Mom & Baby Daily Style Diary: March 16th 2018

On Baby: Currently out of stock but this Dress is really cute, Headband 

Hey guys! I got asked so many times where I've been finding all her dresses lately, because it is hard to find really cute things like dresses for newborns. I found this at Walmart! it was on sale for $6 and I couldn't resist buying it to put her in it for Easter.   
My style on the other hand has done a full revamp since being pregnant. When I was pregnant I refused to buy myself anything that wasn't a total necessity. So post-partum I am finally feeling more like myself and wanted to start wearing cute outfits again. I went out and bought myself these Hunter Boots and I have literally wore them everyday! I basically live in these leggings, and who can resist a cute denim shirt. 


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