Review of Boons, Grass drying rack.

  I actually saw this the first time at Walmart, and it caught my eye but I didn’t end up buying it. Then a few days later I was watching a youtuber named Tara Henderson, who’s mom style I seriously love and she had the it for her two girls. I could not get it out of my head after that, because the more I thought about it the more I questioned why I was using the same drying rack I used for the rest of my dishes. It made more work for me drying the bottles with my other dishes because I always felt like I needed to disinfect them every time and it was a lot more work for a mommy with a newborn. I obviously bought it as soon as I could get to the store, and honestly I don’t know why I didn’t get it the first time! I think because I couldn’t picture how in the world the grass would look in my house… but after seeing it in her home I thought it looked really adorable. That's the reason I love this product, because in reality you could go out and get a standard drying rack from Walmart or a dollar store and it would do the same thing but it wouldn't look as good. Since your going to be using it every single day, I would rather get something that I will actually like to look at.  

    The top piece of grass has lots of room for drying parts of the bottles, and the bottom is where the water collects and comes apart so it can be easily cleaned. Boon also makes a larger drying rack called The Lawn, and another version called The Patch. The other fun thing about Boon, is that they make drying rack accessories that looks like flowers for drying nipples and utensils which makes it look so adorable on your kitchen table. I have not had any problems with this drying rack, and would defiantly be buying the flower accessories that go with it. The drying rack comes in white, if that suits your style more. 

**This is not a paid review, and is solely my opinion of this product.  


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