Penelope's First Month - 1 month update

Here we are, officially one month old! It has been a month of first’s; first bath, first tummy time, first upset stomach, first time sleeping in your crib and those are just the first's of many others to come. Penelope my sweet daughter, has had her first upset tummy that we think it might be a formula allergy thats causing constipation, a facial rash and fussy eating. My poor girl there is nothing worse then seeing your newborn baby in so much discomfort. 

I honestly feel so lucky to have such an extraordinary baby. She is so serene, and very at peace with everything from bath time, to road trips.
Most nights Tone and I spend the evenings together on the couch usually watching hockey or some sports show, we take turns holding our bundle of joy, she’s our source of our happiness. Its those nights that we talk about how much we love where our life is, and Tony usually proclaims that he always knew that this would happen.  

This past week we saw our midwife for a monthly check in, and weighed Penelope at 8lbs 13oz. She is eating, pooping and peeing perfectly (anyone with a newborn knows that is the tell tale sign that everything is okay). 
Anyway our first month has come and gone with our darling Penelope, and it couldn’t be more perfect in anyway. 

Apparently daddy Tony has a hidden talent of getting fussy babies to bed real quick.. well maybe just our fussy baby.


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