Farmhouse Bedroom Reno


We bought our house this past November, and since we moved in I have been toying with the plan to redesign the painters beige walls and to eliminate the echoey, bare walls. The only problem was that I was very much pregnant, even thou I was in full nesting mode Tony had made sure I wasn't in here painting the walls and inhaling unnecessary fumes. 

So, the itch remained unscratched so to say.. and I turned to Pinterest to fill that need. I'm glad I waited because I knew I wanted barn board somewhere but I didn't know which shade, or what colour our three other bedroom walls would be.  I am slowly picking out all the decor that will turn my average room, into the bedroom of my dreams. 

|| BEFORE ||

I needed to find a style that fit with our environment, that took notice of the beautiful place we call home and let it influence the decor. I came up with the Farmhouse style, which is very much on trend and I love its simplicity.  Over the next few months, we will be beginning to transform each room of our house and I honestly am so excited! I love that we bought this house, it feels exactly like a home should feel like. I thought I would share some of the style inspirations, decor items I buy and the progress pictures. 

|| DECOR ||


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