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Hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It has been a few weeks since my surgery, and I am finally starting to feel so much better. 
As you know Penelope is already three months old, and she's growing quick! So I'm trying to put her in a new outfit every single day so that I can at least say she wore all her things. 

I have been doing a little shopping downtown of our small town, and honestly there are so many pretty things I found for our home. 

I have been walking every single day for at least 45 minutes, my goal is to work my way up to jogging three miles by next month. Slow and steady. 

This is the progress I've made on our front yard so far. I'm learning to garden, and actually have plants that last longer than a week (I'm notoriously good at killing our poor house plants).

Our sweet Bella, forever looking in the water in front of my parents home. It's almost summer and I am so excited for all the experiences Penelope will have. 

   This is everything I bought from American Eagle. Shoes are from Old Navy. 

This is just a glimpse of our beautiful neighbourhood! 
We live on the edge of a Provincial park, and there is so much nature that surrounds us. 

This is a real #MOMLIFE moment, breastfeeding in a change room. 

Isn't she adorable!? 


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