Canada Day Long Weekend

I know it has been a little quiet around here lately. P and I have been enjoying every single day together, we like to wake up early every morning and either take a nice long walk or sit out on our back deck and listen to the birds, squirrels and other sounds that speak for these summer days. 
Penelope has grown so much and is learning more and more each day. This weekend her daddy came home from school and instead of staying in doors we thought we would check out our little beach across the road from our house. 
So Saturday afternoon turned out to be record breaking temperatures, and thankfully we live where we do and were able to literally walk across the road and jump in the lake. 

I tried to dip P's little toes in the water for the first time. She didn't like it and cried a little every time her toes went anywhere close to going in. 
In her defence the water was still so cold. 
 Sunday morning of the long weekend, we met up with my parents who picked us up at a dock not too far from us to go boating. This was Penelope's first time on our boat, and fishing. She was so content and happy. I am honestly so impressed and thankful she's our little baby, because I know some experiences can be overwhelming for some babies.
We spent all afternoon boating and fishing. For some reason there was not a lot of fish around, which is super weird. My dad who's like the greatest fisherman around made sure we still had dinner.

This is my absolute favourite picture ever! Baby P already making her daddy and Grandpa proud! 

This is another favourite picture from our long weekend, because it's of P's first time on Beckwith Island. Tony carried her to the beach from the boat, and we thought we would let her dip her feet in the warmer water close to shore. 
She still didn't like it.
 But I love that I got this picture of them two. One day she won't be so little and we'll show her these pictures of her first adventures. 

My dad and P. She had his heart the moment she was born


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