A Mom Car of My Own

Since the beginning of August I have been searching high and low for the mom car of my dreams. It was hard initially to narrow down the vehicle I had in mind, I knew it had to be an SUV or Crossover and either white or black in colour. I also knew that I did not want a van of any sort. 
Friday morning while my dad and I were casually swiping through the listed cars for sale on Kijiji, Facejiji & AutoTrader we came across this ad which was conveniently located only thirty minutes from our home. 

Here she is, mine and Penelope's NEW RIDE!  lol my soccer mom car, which I see myself driving Penelope to her morning gymnastic and to swimming lessons every weekend at the "Y".
This is the vehicle that is taking us in a cross country road trip at the end of this month, which will have lots of room for a large car seat (like this one) and still have plenty of room to move around. 

I still cant believe I am a jeep owner, and that this is my very first car I paid all cash for and it is all mine. I am on happy mama! Now, I just have to wait until Wednesday when it gets delivered. 


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