Birthday Shopping Surprise

As of the 5th of this month I turned 28 years old. Thats twenty-eight beautiful aphoristic years on this planet, and in those twenty-eight years not one of those birthday have compared to the love I felt this year. My birthday started Sunday morning when Tony asked me to get ready for a brunch date, and took our whole family out for a wonderful brunch at Kelseys. He even made sure I was surprised with a white chocolate cheese cake covered in caramel drizzle! On our way home he stopped to run into a store with Penelope where he came back out with my favourite hydrangeas and a card that read "We Love You, Mom!"
Sweater || Pants 
The next day I was woken with a hot coffee and breakfast in bed, then a call from my mom singing "Happy Birthday!" and I was as happy as I could ever be. I learned this past year it has NOTHING to do with material things, instead its about family and the love you have for one another. Its the small things and the small ways they show how much they love you every single day. 

That being said, I still got treated to a little shopping spree from my mom, sister and boyfriend (I hate that word).. 
I try to shop local as much as possible, to support the smaller stores and brands. I will try to link everything for you guys, since I got so many questions about these things on Instagram earlier. 



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