Being Conscious

It was an early Monday morning as I opened my eyes, slowly adjusting and blinking the sleep away. There nestled all cozy and warm between her two parents, was my sweet Penelope who eagerly waited to be lifted into my arms. 
“Good morning My Love!” 
She melts into my chest as if she feels the safest there.  Like she’s done a hundred times before she mumbles “dada, dada” over and over again. She is always met by the same response by her dad, “Yes, My Love!?” As he picks her up in his big arms, squeezes her tight and kisses her squirming face with his prickly beard. 

Its late afternoon, and we have settled down for our first nap of the day. Her naps have gotten far and in-between, and we relish those short hour long slumbers with mommy and daddy time. Time I use to clean the dirty dishes left over from the delicious lunch that Tony cooked, the smell of that days ingredients hung in the air. I finish my chores, grab my phone and spend the remaining minutes with my other half.  

Trying to spend enough time with your with your loved ones around this time of the year and making sure they feel satisfied with the quality of time is even harder. It often means turning off our cellphones, closing the laptop and really focusing on being conscience. 

There are often days when I work all through the morning, through nap time and even bedtime. Those are the days I feel the most guilty, I feel a sharp sting in my heart when I assess the photos I took during that day, or editing footage. Its often the result of knowing I missed another day of being fully conscious play with my little one, or my husbands need for a meaningful conversation. 

What are some ways you make sure you are being fully present? Do you put your phone away during the day? or are you struggling with the same thing?

*Update: We decided we would go to a few events as a family, no phones and really live in the moment together. By the end of the night, Tony and I were both tired and we both agreed that we just had the BEST night ever! I am so happy we spent quality time with my family. 


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