Evenflo Pivot Travel System & SafeMax infant car seat review

We waited until Penelope was born to buy a stroller because we were first time parents and I just wasn't sure what I wanted. I originally wanted a stroller from Bugaboo but it was impossible to get in such a short time. I ended up just walking into Toys R Us and asking what their top travel systems were and the prettiest. I was brought the Evenflo Pivot system and the Britax B-Agile System but since that one had to be ordered in I went with the Beige Evenflo Pivot

Cost: I paid $469 CAN, and I think for it being a travel system with an infant car seat it was actually moderately priced. I wouldn't say its a luxury stroller but its also one I'm always getting complements on it regardless. 

Travel: After 7 months of use, I found that the base for the carseat started sticking when I tried to get the whole car seat out of the back of the car. The part where the seat belts strap into doesn't close now, and also the front wheels of the stroller itself ALWAYS gets stuck because the wheels turn backwards and it sometimes causes the stroller to stop suddenly which wakes up Penelope when she's asleep. As for folding it when your by yourself, thats what I really liked about it. It was easy to do with even one hand and its not that heavy. Ive carried my daughter in one arm and the fold stroller in the other. 

Comfort: Penelope doesn't hate it and it does have a lot of padding. I LOVE the fact that it converts from a pram into a front or rear facing stroller as she grows. Its easy to convert it on the go, and I think she likes being in the pram. There has been a few times when P has dropped cookies or spilt milk in the car seat, and it was relatively easy to take apart and clean. Except for the straps and tbh thats what really smells now and what made us pack it away to be sent to a cleaners so I can put it in storage smelling clean. We have now switched to a rear facing car seat that can be left in the car instead, and were just using the stroller system now without the infant car seat. It still works and I still like using it every day. 

Overall: If your looking for a travel system that is relatively good priced and looks like a luxury brand, than I would say buy the Evenflo Pivot. Its treated us really well and I would buy it again if I had to. 


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