My Favourite Moments During my very first week of motherhood

She's here! I have been MIA (Labour and Delivery story coming soon I promise). I’ve been trying to put words to what I’ve been feeling this past week, let alone make sense of all these emotions I have right now. Being a mommy has completely changed my world, and this entire week and three days that I’ve been Penelope’s mother has been the most magical and oh-so-tiring week and three days of my entire life! 

Penelope, Penny, Princess P, or Sweet Pea…which ever nickname you fancy. 
I can not believe the amount of well wishes, messages and congratulations we have received from everyone! Midland is such a small town and honestly baby girl is famous. I have gotten messages from so many girls who said they’ve been waiting for me to go into labour like Kylie Jenner, and hitting that refresh button! 
(Mama changing Penelope for the first time, and this was her first night at home) 

As I am starting to feel more and more like myself again, its great to have help from my parents or the new "Mama and Deda”. They rushed up from Florida the day I went into labour, and are staying the rest of this week. They are lifesavers and I wish that they would stay forever. Thank goodness for them because I am able to have a semi quick shower, or write a little journal post so I can document our new life. 

(Since she came home we did not let her leave our side, and she spent the first night tucked in right between us. This is our family, we are complete)
Some of my favourite moments this past week and three days. 
-Penelope only cries when she’s hungry, needs to be changed, or burped. Other times she just smiles (or passes gas), and watch the world around her.
-She loves to be held, and that does not exclude in the middle of the night either. I wouldn't want it any other way, I love her and love holding her and rocking her to sleep. 
-Ive been sleeping on the couch lately, because it feels more safe when I can cuddle her on the couch and not have to worry about pillows or a big duvet. But, watching that cute little face while she dreams the sweetest dreams makes those long nights worth ever second. 
-She fits newborn clothes now. Ever since she officially is over her birth weight (6lbs 13oz) and now weighs a whopping 8lbs 10oz! Haha she is defiantly my child, and loves to eat just like me! 
-Penelope does skin to skin with me every single day, and with her daddy when he gets home from work. 
-I love the way you watch me when your in your grandmas arms. 
-You smell amazing, that baby smell you have is what I will always love!
-I love the way everyone is so excited to meet Penelope, I get stopped so many times from people who are excited to catch a glimpse of our little princess.  
-This is the week of firsts. Her first nap, her first time breast feeding, her first time drinking formula, her first burp, her first diaper change, and her first bath. 

(Penny's first bath at home, with mama and daddy while I took pictures. We washed off all that yucky hospital smell, and put on some comfy newborn clothes for bed.) 

I cant stop starting at her, and as much as I need sleep I am surprised by how little the human body actually needs to function. I would not in a million years have imagined that I would ever feel so happy in my life. I am obsessed with how much I love her, and how much I love her daddy. We have both wanted this for so long to finally feel complete, and we can now say we are a family. 

(What a beautiful life we now have because of our little Penelope Frances Gibson.)


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