Your Run-of-the-Mill Sundays in the life of a new Parent

Sunday mornings have changed a bit around here. We still wake up before 8 am every day of the week, have our morning coffees together and weather permitting Tony spends the rest of the morning fishing for our Sunday dinner. What has changed thou, is our periodic wakeup calls through out the night to breast feed, change or burp our suckling bambino. 
We are parents. 
I think the first week was a bit of a capricious mess, because lets be honest no labour and delivery actually goes according to plan, and neither do those first two weeks of sweet newborn bliss. The first few days you are on auto pilot-a zombie, and basically all your energy goes to keeping your newborn babe alive and well. Your personal provisions become prostrated as your one focus is on providing your baby with the necessities. 
You of course, take the back burner. 
It has taken exactly two weeks for me to feel a familiar since of normality, and to establish my new role as a mother. I am getting the hang of it, and Tony reassuringly said before bed last night “I am proud of you”. Those words meant more to me than I think he thought they would. He was proud of my nurturing nature, and on the go breast feeding tactics. As you become a mother, you become less concerned with indecent exposure and more fixated with feeding your hungry child whenever she needs. Yesterday was the first day I went shopping after giving birth, and figuring out how to navigate feedings and changing while in public was a little stressful. I ultimately ended up walking around nursing Penelope with one arm under my nursing cover, and the other trying on some new Hunter boots. At the time it was the best approach to the situation, but I guess it was rather marvellous how your maternal instincts surface, and probably pretty funny as I walk around refusing to stop shopping to hide in a family room to breast feed. It is 2018 people! If my baby needs to eat, I will whip my boobs out to feed her anywhere, that my friends is parenting in a nut shell.


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